Dewana dil Part 5

Sanjana is lying on her bed. Whole hostel is empty. She feels a bit scared so she comes out. And sees girls with their bfs.

A thought strikes her. Why is she being so depressive?? She didn’t do anything wrong. And she decided new city new courage. Then why she is forbidding herself. Afterall what harm can going b brought by going to a party she takes goes to nearest store and rents a dress.

Everyone is chating jazz music is playing in background. The party is though boring. Suddenly 2 guys enter in their Porsche 2 seaters. Suddenly every girl in the room stares at them. They smile and feel good about getting all the ladies attention. They go to directly bar counter and order one drink one of them who is wearing blue braziers drinks it. Black one is a bit silent sort of. The guy in blue is checking out other ladies.

Sanjana enters. In cream gown wearing snow white mask. Her eyes and her perfectly curved body in that dress can make any guy fall for her.suddenly the center of attraction of the party shifts from the 2 guys to Sanjana. Even they are also staring her.

Host announces a ball room dance and they have to dance with the partner with same ticket.

The guy in black starts to leave but the blue one signs him. He starts finding his partner. Far he sees blue 13. And says in mind now what this unlucky 13 has brought with it lets see.
As he makes way through crowd its sanjana standing. He shows his ticket. And the dance starts. One by one the couple are knocked out due to lack of coordination. But Sanjana and guy have a chemistry till the last couple knocked out. Sanjana is breathing heavily. Theguy and she are just a few cm away he is almost close to lips. All are thinking that they would kiss.

Both are engrossed. Sanjana suddenly comes back to her senses and leaves.

The guy is totally confused. Its 1 st time that a girl left him.
But to his luck he had her diamond earrings. A really precious one
Everyone comes back to normal. And don’t even pay attention to situation with the guy standing their alone holding the earring. While others starts to dance around him.

Sanjana comes to room get the gown to the shop. Suddenly finds her earring missing.

Somewhere else
Guy removes mask and his friend calls him Sam. That u danced well with that girl. He avoids his friend by saying nothing was special about that girl varun.

Sam walks away saying in his mind this can’t b happening again. U cant b here. U can’t keep doing this. Soft romantic music plays as Sam walks on the bridge.

Sanjana is whole wet. Due to children harassing her. She gets the pipe from them and starts spraying on them when Sam on seeing her walks in front of the water flow. Totally lost that he is getting wet. Sanjana runs away

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  1. Oho so cool dr…. u r saying sanjana story dr

  2. hey i like your stories,wow so nice 3parts in one day!

    1. Ya I wanted to complete vikram chapter fast. So…

  3. Wow nice story yaar pls update next chapter

  4. Aftr so much hurt n cry , finaly the sky is clearng for her. . . Realy luvd the story. . . Thank u for 3 updts a day. . . Pls updt longer 1 dr, its geting intrstng. . . n updt soon 🙂

  5. Have submitted one episode for tomorrow. Want b posting tomorrow. Have my parents anni. So… Sorry guys.

  6. Awesome episode rekha…its going really well. ..loving it sooo much. ..keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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