Dewana dil Part 47


Sam has gain control over is power. Though faces trouble during his transition during full moon and a few days after it. Tanaya and varun have a relationship and have hidden it from everyone. Tanaya thinks that Sam won’t approve her relation to anyone. Varun on the other hand wants to declare his love for Tanaya to everyone. And he don’t want Sam and sanju to feel cheated, as he kept them in dark.

Sanju in all of them is quite comfortable. She handles her residency well. Her responsibility in sam’s absence well. Sam has completed hisresidency and is moving around the world for his business. She handles his ttransition also well. Like Sam earlier said that she has allquality to b his queen. And sanju is proving his words. Pooja in iIndia finally married to rahul. Her elder brother had a daughter named anaya. Her little brother also got engaged. Vatsal(sanju’s brother) completed his MBBS. And is gonna follow his sister footsteps and does his residency at his jiju’s hospital.

Vikram is still trying to trap sanju and Sam. He hasn’t married Sutton. Intact, Sutton don’t want to continue their relation. But she has pressure from her parents To continue it.
Sanju at the hospital is taking a round with her juniors. And she is explaining them about a case. Varun calls her, as she comes to his cabin, varun after completion of pg has joined the hospital as faculty, varun ask sanju that why Sam never thinks of finding a partner for tanaya??

Sanju:Its not that easy Sam says that It is a very rare connection to find a Soulmate for a vampire.
Varun:Then why don’t you ask her whether there is someone special in her life or what?
Sanju: Yeah!! I do feel that She is very lonely for some time And I wish that she finds someone as amazing as I found Sam.
But why are you so interested in tanaya’s life??(she gives him a suspicious look)
Varun shys and says its nothing like that. Sanju assures him that she would ask Sam about this.

At home sanju has cooked dinner, Sam is returning from Italy after 2 months. As Sam arrives sanju hugs him..
Sanju: its seems like ages…. I missed u honey!!
Sam: I missed u too dear! Its smells nice!! Wat have u cooked??
Sanju: y go get fresh, I will arrange the table.
Sam comes to the dining table after getting fresh. He lifts the lid and finds his favourite salmon. He smiles a bit..
Sam: wat is it dear??
Sanju: wat??
Sam: its salmon, and u don’t like to cook fish!! And u make it whenever u want something!! So tell me!!
Sanju: actually its about Tanaya!!
Sam: wat??
Sanju: its nothing serious so don’t get worried.
Sam: OK tell me!!
Sanju: why does she got any partner for her.
Sam falls into the thoughts. Sanju snaps her fingers to ask where was he lost.

Sam: when I was declared thrown out of the kingdom. And declared a betrayer. My little step sister who was just eight, was taken away by the soldiers. Her mother had died when she was 4 and our father had died soon after she was born. Our family was running on the salary that I was getting as a majdai. We had debts dUE to step mothers illness. And my fathers loans whicb he took from pr*stitute.

In order to get her debt paid, she asked the majdai to send Tanaya to her, and she would have her debt paid by her. But majdai sold her to the slave market, for better price. She was bought as a slave by a rich merchant. He was old. He had a son of same age as Tanaya. His wife was very rude to Tanaya. Tanaya was supposed to work in the house, but she liked the merchant’s house, merchant’s son, umar was good to her. Merchant had a brother and a sister in law who didn’t have any children and desperate for children. Tanaya grew up their, umar left for foreign studies, and promised to return and marry Tanaya, but he forgot his promise with time. The merchant and his wife had many issue, and his wife left him after one such fight to go to her brothers house. The merchant planed for a business meeting at his house. Tanaya made food for everyone and served them. But his partners tried to molest her, she ran to his sister in law, she scolded the merchant and took tanaya in. But she had some of her own hidden agenda. She made her husband to force himself on Tanaya. After a few month when the merchants wife returned she found Tanaya with a child and thought that its if merchant and decided to kill the child before its born. Umar returned home at the same time after many years.

Tanaya shared her pain to him. But umar had decided to marry a girl from noble family, for her dowry. Also if the child comes he would lay claim on umar property as his cousin. So umar promised to help her. His mother also shared her plan. As merchant’s brother and sister in law went out for a few days, umar and her mother beat Tanaya mercilessly, and dropped her in river for crocs to eat her. And they wouldhave eaten her iifi would have not tracked her. Ralph and I helped her out. But was about to die. Ralph asked to save her just like I did to him. And without a second thought I converted her. A few days later she was healed. But had lost her child. I asked her to come with us, but she said that she had some unfinished business. She murder the merchant, then his brother, his sister in law, his wife, and finally she murder umar on his wedding bed. She had her revenge but she never felt love in her heart. May b I was too late to find her. And that’s why I can’t ask or force her to find some one. Because if she breaks now, I won’t b able to show her my face.

Sanju wipes her tear and hugs Sam.
Sanju: don’t worry she would find some one amazing.
Sam: ya definitely..
Sanju: now eat and give me review, how is it??
They smile and enjoy their lunch together. Sanju still thinking whether the Casanova varun is ready for Tanaya?? On the other side varun has heard the entire story hiding behind the pillar in the living room.

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  1. Poor tanaya ,she has suffered alot .

  2. Sam and sanju’s baby coming soon.

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