Dewana dil Part 46

Sanju and varun r discussing a case with Dr. Robins as they finish, sanju sees the notification on her phone.Sam has called 4 times and left the msg to come to house as fast as possible. Sanju gets worried that whether Sam has gone primal or wat!!
She informs varun and leaves from hospital. As she leaves varun calls and says she has left the hospital.

Its evening and sanju is driving her new car to the mansion she runs to her living room. And finds Tanaya sitting their. She inquiries for Sam. Tanaya says that Sam went to the lake side since a few hours and has not returned.
Sanju gets angry on Tanaya for not noticing Sam has been missing for a long time. She runs to the lake side.

And as she arrives, all the trees near lake side have laterns on them. And the trees r decorated with series of lights. As she walks towards the lake she finds whole lake decorated. Small floating candle in whole lake, and at the deck sSam is standing in black suit. He turns and smile. The deck is also decorated with candles. Sam comes to sanju and hugs her saying happy birthday dear.

Sanju has a relief that Sam is OK. And hugs him back.
Sanju: our little artificial lake looks very beautiful today.
Sam: wat is the use of all the money, if I don’t use it to woo my wife!!
He forwards his hand and asks shall we??
Sanju gives her hand in his hand. They sit in their boat and Sam rows it from the deck. He brings out the basket as they come in the center of the lake. And opens champagne bottle. And brings out dal batti (a delicacy that sanju misses very much)
Sanju: how did u make this??
Sam: u know before u I had all the time in the world to learn all cuisines of the world, every art that’s known to mankind.
Sanju: smilingly, I m impressed Mr. Husband.

They enjoy the dinner. As they come back on the deck again. Sam pulls the ring out of sanju’s hand(her engagement ring) and sits onhis knee.
Sam: (holding her hand) iI wanted to say something. Last year was our first year together, and we faced a lot of problem. But we overcame those by fighting them together. I was invincible before, immortal, but after u came into my life my immortal and invincible self found a reason, I felt my life, my story with u became eternal, and no matter how much worst conditions were their, u accepted me, and never ran away from, instead protected me, sometimes from the world, sometimes from or relatives, and sometimes even from myself, if it hadn’t been u I would have been lost to wounds that were inflicted on me in lastyear.

Hearing all this sanju eyes r filled with tears.

Sam: and aafter all that, I could hardly imagine a life without u. And so I want u to b in each anevery moment of my life and make it as wonderful as my last year has been. So would u b with me forever and ever?

Saying so he puts the ring forward. Sanju says yes and ask him to get up and hugs him. As they return to their room. Sanju finds light coming from the balcony, she goes to find their balcony decorated with candles. Sam had asked Tanaya to do it. Sam comes with his guitar.

Tuhi meri Saab he subah he, tu hi din he mera.

Sanju smiles seeing Sam sing. They both romances as Sam finishes up the song.
At night Sam recalls the first night that he saw sanju, and its almost 2 years since that day. Sanju is sleeping peacefully in his arms. He kisses on her forehead and also falls to sleep.

Sanju is tensed at the breakfast table. Tanaya sees that and ask her that why is she so tensed?? Sanju says that she wants to celebrate Sam’s birthday but does not know the date.

Tanaya: on paper his birth date is 12-6.
Sanju: u know wat I m saying!! I want to celebrate his real birth date.
Tanaya: dear!! We don’t know that!! Back then we were poor and some one insignificant to the kingdom. Even the princess birth date was not known. And to correlate with today’s dating system its too difficult.

Sanju: bu their will b some way? He did so much for me I want to do something for him as well.
Tanaya: from my knowledge, he was born may b in august!! But I m not sure of it. But Kahn could help u with that.

Kahn says it 8 th of august. I have looked into the record of majdai. His birth date correlates to it.

Sanju smiles, so 8th of august it is.

A leap of 18 months…

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