Dewana dil Part 45


Sam and sanju r sleeping hugging each other tight. A hand taps on Sam’s shoulder, to which he is shocked and holds the arm to break it. Varun screams to wait. It was varuns arm. Sanju also wakes up. Tanaya helps her to get up. She finds that sanju is burning with fever

Tanaya: oh god ! Sanju! U r burning!!
Sam comes and checks. Sanju ask not to worry, it just fever. But her face tells a different tale. Tanaya suggest to leave fast for the house. May b the cold had its effect on her. They reach home, varun measures temperature its’ 102′. Sam gets a bit worried. They make sanju have a medicine and ask her to sleep. Sam stays with her in the room. Tanaya and varun leaves.

Tanaya: its good that they r safe. Looking up towards Sam’s room.
Varun: ya!! They love each other very much that they would over come every difficulty for each others sake.
Tanaya: its good to have someone in life who keeps u before their own life.

Varun stares Tanaya, thinking that he believed that Tanaya never believed in love. He smiles. And says everyone finds someone like that once in their life, its up to them whether they grab them or don’t respect them.

Tanaya: not everyone r that lucky to find that someone special.
A tear comes in her eyes. But she leaves from their before varun comes to know about her pain.

Its evening, Sam is shirtless standing in front of mirror, he is seeing the bullet wound, that perfect wheatish brown muscular body, makeshim iirresistible to any women. Sanju comes from behind and hugs him and also puts her hand on the bullet mark.

Sanju: wat is it?? Wat r u seeing?
Sam looking at her face in the mirror.
Sam: people have been so desperate to kill me. And today ur life was in danger because of it.
Sanju: u r not blaming urself for this! Aren’t u??
Sam: but if I were some normal human, any thing like this would never have had happened to u.
Sanju: if u had been normal I would b dead by now, either in that hospital fire, or below that truck, or some other way. It was u who saved me, and the beast part is also u, and I accept u with my full heart. And u didn’t let any harm come on me.
Sam: the bullet might have had hit u as well!
Sanju: but it didn’t so shut up!! I m hungry like hell!!let’s go and eat some thing,

Sam smiles while sanju cups his face. As sanju leaves for her bedroom after dinner,
Sam: I have decided to gift her a car for her birthday.

Tanaya: that’s amazing. Which one??
Sam: already booked a jaguar…
Tanaya: but we already have so many cars.
Sam: yes but its her 1st car. Her own personal car. Last yr her 1st birthday after her marriage got spoilt, because of that Roy. But this time I want to do something special for her.
Tanaya: u dont have to do something special. U already have something special between u.

Sam smiles recalling their special moments together. Finally 14th of march is coming, my loves birth date.

Sanju is sleeping all tucked in her comforter. Sam comes near her ear, and sings happy birthday to sanju, and acts to pamper her cheek. She smiles and turns towards sam and her other cheek also approachable to Sam. As she opens her eyes, Sam starts to laugh. She gets a bit amazed, but finds a pastry in his hand. She runs to the mirror and sees her face covered with pastry, she screams’sam’. Sam laughs loudly on the bed. She runs to beat him, but he runs from their. Sanju gets breathless. Sam gets worried and comes close to her, but sanju puts the rest of the cake on Sam’s face. Sam understands that it was sanju’s acting. And he lifts her in his arms and sanju asking him to put her down. They both r laughing and giggling to fill whole of the mansion with their noise. Sanju kisses Sam on the lips and says
Sanju:mmmm its tasty… !!
Sam gets a bit romantic. Sanju pushes him on bed.
Sam: of course I m tasty.
Sanju:(laughing) I was saying that for the pastry!!
Sam: u!!! Naughty!!
She runs to the bathroom before Sam could catch her.

Sanju comes out of the bathroom to find purple dress on the bed, with a diamond bracelet by the side of it. A note from Sam saying
‘ a small present for my precious’

Sanju goes to get ready, and comes for breakfast. A note is waiting for her their with her breakfast.

‘Some thing as sweet as my sugar’

It is gulab jamun, Sam has made for sanju, sanju smiles and searches for Sam near by, but doesn’t find him. She enjoys thegulab jamun after a lot time. Sam is hiding behind and sees sanju enjoying the gulab jamun like a kid.

As she orders Danny to bring car her, Danny ask sorry and says that all the cars r out. Sanju gets shocked that how can it suddenly happen that all the car r out. Danny says their is a car in garage, but!! She goes to the garage to see the problem! To find a brand new jaguar, danny gives her the key. She sits inside the car. To find a note again.

A thing for u that is trying to match ur elegance. And now its urs.

She drives to the hospital in her new car. As she reaches the entrance, some of people walking in the hospital stops all of a sudden. Seeing this she gets surprised. And even other people wait to see what’s happening. Suddenly the group starts to dance, and conveys Sam msg ‘happy birthday and I love Sam’

Sanju smiles and comes to the round. Sam comes from behind. Sanju smiles seeing him.

Sanju: extensive planning dear!!
Sam: did u like it??
Sanju: yes!!
Sam: wat was the best??
Sanju: ohhh the gulab jamun were the best!!
Sam: of course they would b delicious when the chef was that delicious!!
Sanju: u r unbelievable!! Always boosting urself.
Sam: ( adjusting his colour ) but I m, ain’t I?? (He smiles like the cutest puppy in the world)
Sanju smiles back and says yes u r..

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