Dewana dil Part 44


Varun’s car Is shown Driven in Wood Sanju is driving it and sam is at the backseat. the nobles are frustrated not to find them at the hospital And order their Minions To find Sam at all cost As he is now at his most vulnerable point of life and he could be finished off Right now.
Varun calls Sanju to inform that the nobles are pissed at them and wants them at all cost.Sanju ask Varun to call Ross and kahn to inform that The nobles are on to her and wants to finish Sam and her and so needs help to stop the nobles for some time till sam recover completely.

She holds Sam’s hand and ask Him to trust her she is gonna make everything alright and won’t let any harm come on him.
They are travelling towards North side After a few hours of drive Sanju is tired and so she pulls towards a gas station She gets something for their dinner.But Suspicious man in the gas station On seeing her call someone. Sanju gets A Doubt that He could be a Minion of nobles as well and so she drives off but With in a kilometre the tire off her car burst.

She thinks that she made out was right and the man was indeed a Minion And so the nobles won’t be far away from there She pulls Sam out of the car and runs in the Jungle. Due to the Tall Pine trees It provides a good place to hide, but when you are being hunted by those who could see at night and have night vision it is nothing much For a hiding place.

Sanju things that The only way they could break fam is by her and if she hides them then she would Mislead them to her Smell and Sam would be safe.So she finds If you fallen trees and hides same mean it It She also finds remains of deer near by and Puts some blood Everywhere to miss guide the blood and scent that was of her on sam.

She runs from there But soon finds her to be followed by someone. She runs to an abandoned factory.Some people come out they are the nobles and have trapped Sanju In the factory It is no way that she could escape from there.They ask her about Sam which she declines to know.They dont want her that they would Not need her And if she tells the truth about Sam then they might have to change of heart and let her live.

Varun comes to samAnd ask him to get up as Sanju’s life might be in danger. But Sam is still unconscious so Varun decides to rush to Sanju’s help before anything bad happens.
Varun reaches the factory and beats a few nobles, but he is greatly outnumbered by them.Sanju tries to free herself and gets a bit successful but as she tries to run her ankle get struck in the ground and she breaks her ankle.Eugene Climb into a crane andWhich has a giant iron roads attached to it, he is about to drop That on Sanju, who is still not able to get up Because of her broken ankle. Varun is seen all this helplessly.Tanaya also arrives there and is helpless Sanju like that.But eugene is Very Form at his decision to kill Sanju.tanaya and Veronica fight but All of the nobles Support Veronica And Tanaya are uses the fight.Eugene finally drops Rods On Sanju Sanju Closes her eyes remembering There for first night in their new home At their anniversary.Varun and tanaya also closes there eyes.
Everyone here the rods dropping But when they see Towards Sanju, they find her still sitting over there And Sam is covering her with his body and all the rods had fallen on him.Sam have glowing Blue Eyes he is half turn into a hybrid The noble art shop at his new avatar.Sam pulls Eugene out of the crane and streds him to pieces, seeing this some noble flee from the scene.But rest of them wants to attack Sanju Then turns full beast And kills most of them.Varun rushes to Sanju and Remove her leg from broken floor Her Ankle is bleeding badly.Varun call Sam and tanaya to help Sanju.But soon few more Minions arrives and it becomes hard for them to manage it when tanaya ask Same to leave with Sanju and they would manage over the factory.Sam liftsSanju in his arms and runs from their, they arrive near the river. Sanju is intretremendous amount of pain. Sam dips herfeet in the ice cold water to numb her feet and then heals her, ttaking her wound on himself. It is very cold out in the woods. And all they could do is to wait. Beacuase if they try to approach back and r found by the nobles, it might b a threat to sanju. So they decides to spend a night their. Till some one doesn’t come their finding them. Due to cold, they embarrass each other and Sam tries to provide a bit comfort to sanju in his arms, soon she falls asleep. And he watches over her’ A girl who risked her life for an immortal’

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