Dewana dil Part 43

Gina is shown meeting someone She informed Her that Sam is now a hybrid. It is Veronica Another noble Who wants to be an elder She gets shocked at This news And decides To gain benefits of it.
Veronica is Sound Meeting with Eugene They decide To bring down same So that they could be with Supreme powers over the coven.

Sam and Sanju wakes up In their houseSanju is pampering Sams cheek while Sam is playing with her hair.Varun calls same but same cuts off as he wants to spend some more time with Sanju Varun immediately call Sanju But Sam asked her to not to pick up the phone And have the moment with him. Sanju replies that it might be something urgent thanks so Varun Is desperately calling them And pick up the phone.

Varun ask them to be at hospital as Dr Robins has Arrange for a conference and they are hosting it. Sanju replies that They will reach hospital as soon as possible but Sam Hugs her from behind and kisses on her neck and tries to seduce her but she pushes him back.Sam is in very romantic mood and does not want to go to conference.Sanju Smiles shyinglyqand pushes same to go to take a bath So that they can leave for the hospital.

At hospital after conference Sanju goes to take a shower and sam Is busy in his Office with some workS.Sanju comes out of the shower and get dressed she feels presence of someone she thinks its the sam.She follows the noise 2 The garden Where Veronicaand eugene are waiting for her.They tell her that didn’t know about Sam’s hybrid statusAnd it would be soon disclose to the world So she Must be better hurry.Listening this Sanju’s pulse Rises And Veronica notices that she had been lying to them before.

Before she could make out anything Veronica and eugene disappears from the scene.Today is A party at Varun’s house for The successful conference that day Had hosted.Sam and Sanju also I ride in their car. As soon as Sanju gets out of the car sam hears something And concentrate at the noise. He pushes Sanju to get himself hit by a bullet Which was meant for Sanju.
To Sam’s surprise it is a bone Bullet that was specially meant for him. somebody had already anticipated has action And Used Us bone Bullet so that when he would push Sanju aside And take the bullet he wont b able to heal.The shooter is shown to be eugene.Dr Robbins comes rushing towards them and Call ambulance.Sanju also panics at what will happen when the Doctors C That is different from normal human.

With Sam Varun and Sanju also reach to the hospital.Tanaya calls them and informed that as Sam is shot, the nobles have decided to eliminate him so that there Secret will be safe or there Reality will be disclosed to everyone. Sanju is shocked at the decision Of the noble and wants to keep them safe at all cost She informs.It is now To wait for the time that sam would be attacked again.The surgeon’s are finding it difficult to manage same as he has already lost a lot of blood and he’s not stable as well They are happy that he is at least alive even in this condition.

Tanaya comes with nobles And they have decided to kill them at all cost And she has to support them Or else she would be in danger as well.But when they enter The room there is no patient on the bed Also Sanju is missing is well Everyone is shocked at how can injured sam Run away With Sanju.!!

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