Dewana dil Part 42


It is Sanju and Samrat first wedding anniversary Both have decided to surprise the other. Sanju as plan of a grand party at Gill mansion.While Sam has built a house in woods for Sanju Something that Sanju always dreamt of having.

They both are busy planning the surprise And Trying to hide from one another.Sanju has asked Varun to keep them busy for the evening so that she could plan and decorate the Gil mansion While Sam is away from her.

Sam wants to go back to the house to decorate for their anniversary but Varun is not Leaving him Sam is really frustrated at Varun behaviour as Varun is not giving him space.

Sam:What is it Varun why are you doing this to me?Why are you not letting me go?
Varun:It is nothing like that bro..Why did you think like!!!
Sam:Then let me please go I’ll have to plan a surprise for my wedding anniversary for Sanju
Varun:Oh you want to plan a surprise for Sanju that’s great (in a teasing manner he says)By the way what is the surprise that you are planning for Sanju?
Sam:OK I will show you but you won’t say a word to Sanju you have to promise me that.
Varun:Yeah dude I promise I wont say a word to Sanju..
Sam: good.

Sam takes Varun to the house That he has built it is a small house but Unlike the Mansion that he is living in it has Very peaceful environment It is In the midst of nature Just like Sanju likes And has a slight Indian architecture Touch to it Sam has made The house Such that Sanju Can Feels as if she is still in India with her parentsIt has small Catches that Sanju used to make Of birds and animals Framed Same has also made a painting of both of them In there Bedroom And a nice Veranda is there.

Sam:I am thinking of retiring Over here with Sanju by my side Wouldn’t it be great?
Varun:Retiring From what? You don’t think of leaving everything behind You are Immortal and you are gonna live forever how can you retire from anything?

Sam:I have been taking care of many people Tirelessly for over Millennium aur more Now I need to relax and have some time for myself And after I have found my one true love I want to spend my rest of the time with her and not In the middle of some war.After a long time I can finally feel that I can have a normal life.

Varun:But you know that Sanjubhai has kept your double status hidden from the elders And nobles once they come to know about you being a hybrid they will not leave you alone, It’s an abomination and they won’t tolerate this..

Sam is lost at once word Gale Mansion is shown with Sanju being hyper on others for doing their work properly she is instructing everyone to Decorate the house with more hours and white balloon She knows that same likes white colour and so she has decorated the entire mansion with white She has also decided to wear off white designer saree She has invited every one from the hospital staff and also the close Friends.Ross and ralph are also coming. A grand party of the level of gill’s has been plan by Sanju. She finally calls Varun to bring Sam Home.Everyone is hiding And The Lights Are Off so Sam and Varun couldn’t be cut out what is going on in the room As soon as thry enter,Sanju comes saying Happy anniversary to Sam With a spotlight on her she is shining bright like a moon and her white saree. Delight comes and Sam could see everyone standing there wishing him Happy anniversary.

Sanju comes close to him and kisses on his face And wish him a happy anniversary Soon Ralph come out with the cake It is a 3 tier cake.Sam is very happy and emotional as well Because he hasn’t been used to such treatment since a long time.Enjoyment has not been a part of his life.

They enjoyed the cake and then dance Impose moments Sanju ask for her surprise gift Sam says that it is waiting for her and Requires her to go to it.Sanju while dancing makes wild guesses of her Gift whether it can be a car or other thing. After all it is sam he could be a wildcard in every case. His move were never predictable.

As the party gets over Sam closes Sanju Sai with a cloth And Makes her sit in his car He draws it with Sanjubhai asking him where is he taking her.
Sanju:Where are we going dear? Do I need to worry as I am alone in a car with a vampire??
Sam smiles but does not reply.

Sanju:You know you are really creating some suspense over here and I’m excited to see what is my gift now.
Sam:Excitement is good I like that I’m sure you won’t be disappointed by ur gift.
Sanju:Ok fingers crossed

Sam brings her close to the door of the house and opens her eye cloth.She opens her eyes only to find standing in front of a wooden teak door.She looks towards Sam with surprisee In her eyes Sam ask her to open the door of her house. As she opens the door she is surprised to see an Indian fashioned home in US.Sam Informs her that he has personally made the whole house For her.

Sam lip Sanju and enters in their home Is the tradition in Sanju’s family to lift their Wife when they enter into their new homes.Sanju is exploring the house when she finally returns to the living room same puts on Some music it is Sanjubhai favourite Kaise bataaoon Tujhe Ke Dil Mera Kya keh raha Rahe Na Rahe Jo Apne Hi darmiya!!
Sam sings the song and comes close to Sanju . but Sanju Shys n Goes towards the veranda where the light of the moon has illuminated the whole Scene.

Teri adaon Mein Dub lu
Dub lu bas tuji me
Ho jau tere itne karib k me dikhu bas tuji me. They remember their first night after wedding N sam carry Sanju to their bedroom And the scene blurred in the candles that are and lightening the whole bedroom

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