Dewana dil Part 41

Tanaya comes To India to visit Sanjana. She is very angry At Sanju for doubting Sam. She asks her how can she Even out SamAnd Leave from there. She Comes To Sam’s hotel Where Sam Informs her about their plan to trap Pooja in her own plans, And even Discloses about Pooja faking her pregnancy. Tanaya gets relieved at Sam and Sanju being together in the plan.
Tanaya:I cannot believe that Pooja can do something like this.How can she do such a thing With her own sister!!

Sam:I am not worried about what she has done already but what she is about to do now .She wants me to divorce Sanjana N marry herAnd I cannot do that.

Sanjana come there And hugs samfrom behind And says that nothing like that will never happen to them.She ask him to Call Ralph To India And pretend That he is your Rival relative Just like she is mine.Ask Ralph 2 Get paternity test done of the baby so that The baby can claim on the property.
Tanaya finds plan Good but has some loopholes. She informs that Ralph is already in India with her Hearing which Sam and Sanju gets excited that the next step of their plan it can be in motion.

A call comes in Sam’s phone it’s of Pooja.She insist him to come at her house For shopping As she is going for her bridal attires.Sam gets irked on her But Sanju ask him to keep calm And go to her house.
As SaM comes to Pooja’s house,She and her mother Ketki are already out and locking the house to go for shopping They have decided to buy the most expensive designer lehenga for the wedding.Sam is irritated by there Pushy behaviour.Same ask to have a simple wedding as he married just a few months ago in front of their relative and it would be a bad impression of himBut Pooja and her mum are Up for a Pompous wedding. They ask Whether this time the Chief minister Of their state is gonna come to the wedding Like last time??They irritate sam throughout the way Like this.

As they come home after shopping with Heavy bags that are carried by sam Ralph is Already waiting at Their home N is talking to Balraj.Balraj introduces Ralph 2 Pooja and Ketki who are shopping at Balraj asking about the legitimacy of the child. Sam as planned Supports Pooja and the child being his.But Ralph ask for the paternity test to be done as fast as possible or the Property will be his and His son as sam does not have a legitimate heir. A cloud of stress comes over Pooja But Ketki and Balraj are happy that the entire property of sam is gonna be inherited by there grandchild.
Ralph Give a notice to Sam to get the paternity test done as fast as possibleHe leaves from there and Sam acts to be surprised.

Though the real thing is going on in Pooja as mind. Ketki are same to get the paternity test done as that will shut Ralph’s mouth.Sam also agrees to this.

Afew days later the reports of Paternity test are here, Ketki excitement goes and open the report To find it and non match And gets shocked, She ask Pooja By taking her aside.

Pooja:(starts crying and ask for forgiveness)I am sorry Mom This is not sam’s child. This is Rahul’s child.We decided to Put blame on sam so that I could marry him and get his property. I wanted this for all of us.pls forgive me Mom.

Ketki:We will talk to Rahul and get you married to him If that is what you like, But you can’t be married to sam as he is already married to your sister!

Pooja is worried As Rahul might disclose her reality to her mother as she rejected Rahul’s proposal to marry her after he found that he is gonna be a father.

A copy of report also reaches Sam And ralph’s hotel.Everyone gets relieved that the pension is now gone But Sanju comes Running 2 Their room She in forms that Pooja is pregnant with someone else’s child And this might be a problem She asks ralph to find out who is the father of the child So that they can put an end to this problem once and for all.

Sam and Sanju Confronts Rahul and ask him to marry Pooja Which he Is happy to do But Informs they that Pooja is not ready for Wedding with him As she wants to Make Sanju pay.The Reports result Is disclosed to everyone Sanju is Mom Vandana is very happy and welcome her Jamai.
Pooja blackmails Rahul 2 Ask her parents for dowry Or she will kill There’s a child, Sanju hear her conversation with Rahul And get shock. She inform all this to Sam They decide to support rahul.

At the wedding day Pooja does not seem very happy Her marriage is happening with Rahul. She ask Rahul to meet her before the pheras.
Pooja:How could you think that you will get me?? Our marriage will not happen and I promise that to you ( Saying so she cut her wrist)
Rahul runs to Pooja to support her as she Falls unconscious She Has a lot of blood Coming out of her vein.Rahul starts screaming for help Same and all other relatives Come running to them And find Pooja in a Puddle of blood They are shocked at the sight. All of them carry her to the hospital.

The nurse in forms of them that they were not able to save Pooja as child but she is out of danger now Rahul and everyone gets relieved but I said is the child is no more .Sanju is Shocked at what Pooja can do To have her way.The relative ask Ketki to marry Rahul and Pooja as fast as possible Because Pooja is out of her hands now And it would be difficult for her to control Pooja afterwards. Ketki is ashamed of what Pooja has done and decide to get her married as recovers from this.

Sanju and sam ask for leave To be back to their home in US.

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