Dewana dil Part 40


Sanju’s phone ringing at hospital. She picks up. She joyous expression changes into worry.She puts tthe phone down. This change is noticed by Sam and varun.

Sam: wat is it babe? U seem stressed??
Sanju: it was mom, she asked us to b at her home. She sounded tensed. I asked her but she didnt reply.

Varun: don’t worry. It will b fine.
Sam hugs and kisses her on forehead. Don’t worry babes everything will b fine.

Sam and sanju reach sanju’s home. She runs to hug her mother.Sam Sam is carrying all the luggage He is just behind her.She notices that her uncle and her aunt I also present at her home.seeing sam her uncle, balraj walks tohim And slaps him hard.
Balraj:How could you do this to my daughter?
Ketki:We trusted you and send her to your houseBut you had a bad eye on her and now she is pregnant.

Listening this a Hurricane strucks Sanju.Tear. flows from her eyes Same is also confused,If it had been before he would have analyse the situation But right now He Has problem with his powers With his Were Wolf side and Vampire side fighting against each other. He tries to speak to Sanju But She pushes him away and runs upstairs to her roomAnd locks it down.Sam follows her and ask her to open the door. Even her parents follow same to upstairs Her aunt and her uncle follows them as well.
Balraj:You spoil the life of both of our daughters.You married one of our daughters and made pregnant our other daughter.

Vandana(sanju’s mom): How could you do this to my daughter she loved you very much!!
She slaps him
Ketki:Maybe it was because your daughter could not give him a heir to his property after So many time!!

Listening this The door opens and Sanju comes out. Sam tries to speak to her but she Ask him to go from her house.

Sam: but sanju.
Sanju slaps sam hard
Sanju:If you love me just leave from here right now.
With tears Sam leaves from the house.

A baris shown with a Bartender asking a man To stop drinking.The man is Sam. Tanaya call Sam. Sam informs her about the incident happened back at the house.She ask him to wait for her she would be With him as soon as possible.As he puts his phone down a message flash on his screen.its of Sanju.Asking him to meet her at The terrace of her house.

Sanju is waiting on her Terrace in maroon nighty with white shawl.Sam comes tumbling there She Support him.
Sanju:Why did you do this to yourself?I know you are innocent.
Sam is a bit confused at Sanju’sreaction.
Sam:But you slapped me today??
Sanju:IM sorry baby I had to. I was heartbroken at what Pooja did. But I trusted you completely.
Sam: If you trust me then lets us leave from here. I don’t need to prove my Innocence to anyone else.
Sanju:But I need to.She malign your name in front of my parents and relativesAnd I cannot leave her for what she did.
Sam:Okay so do you have any plans??
Sanju:Yes you have to ask her hand in marriage.
Sam:Are you mad I am not doing that ever!!
Sanju: But you don’t have to marry her You just have to ask her hand in marriageOnce the marriage is finalized you should ask her to see the gynec For the safety of your baby If she is not pregnant then her truth will be out And if she is pregnant then we would ask For Someone to ask her to Prove the legitimacy of the child for Inheritance of your property.

SamKissing her on her forehead Says that now you are Thinking like my queen.

Sanju:Sam you should leave now or someone else will See us together.

Next day as planned sam Arrived at Pooja house to ask for her hand in marriage everyone gets excited for the proposalKetki brings same to Pooja room for Talk And leave from there As soon as she leaves Sam’s expression changes from Joyous 2 Anger.

Sam:Drop the act Pooja.We both know that nothing like that happened between us.
Pooja: aaawwww poor Sam!But nobody believed you I heard your wife slappedyou hard.
Seems so she comes closer to Sam and places her hand On his face
Pooja:Was it this one or the other one?

Sam jerks her hand off his face.
Sam:What do you want from me Name it Car, property, Bank balance, Houses, business and it would be yoursBut just leave my personal life aside!!
Pooja:I know dear that you can earn this things back and can give that to Sanju, So I want something that cannot be replaced from her life and it is you( pointing at Sam)

Saying so she comes near Sam and puts her hand in his pocket to bring out his phone.She delete the recording that was going on in Sam’s phone.
Pooja:I knew that you would do this Recording all this is such a predictable things to do To gain Proof for your innocence

Ketki arise there with tea.
Ketki:We need to hurry up for the marriage as She is almost one month over.And then it would be bad for the reputation of the upcoming child.The society would speak bad about the baby.I was thinking about keeping marriage at the end of this month by that time you should finalize your divorce with Sanju.

Hearing this sam’s face loses its charm.

Pooja:Don’t worry Mom samrat… sorry sam asked me to marry him by the end of the month he is very much excited about the baby.

Seeing this she hugs Sam But Sam is totally confused as his plan failed OfGetting proof against Pooja.

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