Dewana dil Part 4



Sanjana is crying on the floor. She gets her courage back and stands up. And makes a call.

Her cousin comes with a car. Which they both drive. Even this cousin is jealous of sanjana but she trust her very my much.

Its a month since that day.
And neither of them discussed that days event.
Sanjana gets up and is excited that what has vikram planed for her today. After all he is too good at planning surprises.

She goes to clinic as its urgent work her mother ask her not to go.
Vikram comes to her house and sees her car missing and ask where did she go. Mom replies that she had urgent work at clinic.

Vikram drives angrily to clinic. At clinic everyone is wishing Dr. Sanjana birthday.
When a classmate of her clicks a photo of her with her seniors.
Vikram gets jealous by the way senior and others are wishing her.
He pulls her from crowd and slaps her. U are just characterless. U wanted to enjoy ur birthday with or bfs thats y u told everyone that u had work.

He brings her to his home. And tries to force himself on her. During the resistance that sanjana offers she gets bitten often by vikram.

But she finally hits his head with a alarm and runs.

She comes home. Vikram follows her to her home. She decides she can’t take any more and ask her mother to call her in laws that they are canceling this relationship.

A yr passed with sanjana burried herself in books and passed usmle. Now got internal medicine posting. At newyork.

The flight lands in new york. A girl all alone in a new city away thousands of km from the people she loves.

She thinks she is gonna b alright. New city new rules and new courage. She board a taxi to her pg quarters. Every girl is in a rush for getting ready sanjana is a few days late. They inform her its a fresher with 1920s as it theme.
They invite her to come. But sanjana has to get settled so she declines.

Everyone dressed in 1920s gowns and have mask sanjana comes in cream gown with with beautiful mask. A man fair 6ft tall comes he is fair and good looking but wearing a black mask to cover his eyes.
Sanjana and the stranger dances passionately. And about to kiss

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  1. I thot vikram is nly a psycho, bt he dnt evn respct galz. . . Is vikram a don or somthng lyk dat, cuz evry 1 fears him. . . :-/Feelng sad for sanjana. πŸ™ Hope hr new york lyf wil b colourful πŸ™‚

    1. Ya u are rite he is don. And has direct connection with many criminals. And that’s the reason sanjana decided to leave the country. He has attempt to murder and 2 rape cases on him. Which her parents were unaware about. While disclose that soon

  2. Omg dr basically i am affraid of auch boys i dont have nice feeling regards boys…. now i am going to slap them yaar chi

    1. Basically wanted to say that sometimes parents make hurry. It is not always that love marriages fail. Even blunders happen in arrange marriages too. When people hide facts and cheat other people.

  3. Thank god she broke the relation with vikram…and precap very interesting, hero’s entry…can’t wait for the next episode, eagerly waiting, love you loads

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