Dewana dil Part 39


Vikram is shown walking on the road in trance. He approaches his home(Sutton’s home) to find the security guy waiting their for him.
Guard: hey how did u get out and wat happened to the door??
Vikram: do I know u??
Guard: dude u paid me to help u kidnapped Sanjana madam!!
Vikram: we kidnapped San Jana??
Guard: ya till I know. But then I found the door broken and u were also missing.

Vikram pays him and ask him to leave. Vikram thinks how can he not remember a thing of it. But then remembers varun healing instantly. He thinks to find out varun’s secret.

Next day he implants a chip in Sutton car. When she approaches closes to hospital she locks her steering wheel and Sutton meets with a terrible accident.

For blood is needed for surgery and nurse ask to check if any staff has a+. Sam is shocked as his blood GRP was written a+ in records. But sanju says she will donate. For another donor also comes up and nurse does not go to see records.

Vikram comes their making drama. Nurse says that Sutton’s liver has ruptured and she needs a liver transplant for that those who r willing should do their hla testing done.

Vikram ask Sam and varun to do their hla typing. He is specifically pushing varun. Sanju goes for blood donation. Sam is really worried if his would come out.

But fortunately a dead body arrive and liver transplant is undertaken. During surgery, doctor ask for more blood the nurse check the records and find Sam and varun has a+ and o- respectively. She ask both of them to donate.

Sam is tensed. The nurse arranges for blood iv set. Sanju comes to the room as well. She sees Sam worried. Sam tells her that Sutton might change into a vampire. And he is not sure. He would have helped her. But he is not sure wat he is and wat will he create if he gives this blood to Sutton.
Varun ask to attach his iv set to him. And he would donate both bottles. The blood is taken. They leave the blood bag their.

Vikram comes their and take the blood bag placed near varun’s bed and leaves.

Sister ask about varun’s blood bag but it is not their. Another sonar donates and the crisis is met.

Vikram gives varun blood bag to some one ask to run DNA test and blood picture on it.

A week has passed. Sutton is recovering. And vikram is taking care of her. He is feeding her soup when he gets a call. He informs that he is coming.

Its the same guy that he had given varun’s blood for test. They meet at restaurant. The guy say that the blood is normal.

Vikram: normal means??
Guy: its normal human blood.
Vikram: is it any cross species linked???
Guy: no its just normal.
Vikram lost in thoughts that how can this happen that varun can heal instantly but has normal blood.

Vikram: wat was the blood GRP?
Guy: o-
Vikram can it b. He thought that might b Sam or sanju had donated blood for varun. But only varun was o- in the room. Then how??

Vikram says thanks to the guy and leave the restaurant.
A guy in shadow is seen smiling, its Ralph.

Ralph comes to gill mansion and narrates the whole incident that how vikram was some how responsible for Sutton’s accident. And he doubts on varun. Everyone laughs.

Sanju: thank god he suspected varun and not Sam or else it will b a big problem
Sam: I guess I have my good luck charm and hugs sanju.

Tanaya: so this vikram chapter ends here.

Sanju: no till I know him. He would try some other way. If he believes something he tries everything to prove himself right.

Varun: but he won’t get anything in my blood.
Sanju: but he won’t go this time for blood. He knows about or healing!! I m worried.

Sam: hey!! We all r here, we would figure some thing out. But right now let’s have dinner I m very hungry

He heads towards the food on the dining table. Everyone follows him.

All of them enjoy sanju’s cooked food with varun and Sam jokes …

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