Dewana dil Part 38


Hospital is shown. On round. Varun and sanju are on round. They r almost finished, someone msgs sanju to meet at the locker. As the roundis ffinished she goes to the locker area with the chit. But finds no one.

Varun is walking through lobby finds Sam in other ward. He goes to him and ask wat is he doing here when sanju went to locker area as he had sent chit. Sam is confused.

Sam: wat chit?? I didnt send any msg.

Varun: but the chit!!
Sam and varun smells something fish and runs to locker room. And finds it empty.

Sam calls on sanju’s cell but it is out of reach. He tries again but same response. They both r coming out of the locker room when he sees camera for surveillance. He ask varun to come to his cabin so that they can access the footage. He views the footage and finds sanju leaving the locker room a few minutes before they came.

They r searching in other footage as well for sanju. But apparently it looks like sanju went into some blind spot. Sam runs towards the directions that sanju was lastly seen. And varun stays back to check footage and find any one suspicious.

Sam is standing at the same place where sanju was before. If he had been in full power he could easily track her down. But he has problem in doing so as wolf part of him take controll on him. We walks towards the end of the lobby where their is a door to the terrace but it is locked from out side and a stair case towards a small room above the floor which is now store room.

Varun is searching the footage when he finds vikram and Sutton kissing. He rewinds it to find that vikram had been hiding his face and soon left Sutton. Even he hid his face at entry so varun couldnt make out him. He finds the time of the footage and it is just a few minutes before the chit had come.

Sam is shown climbing the stairs, without making noise. He comes to the store room but finds it empty.

Sam’s phone rings, its varun.

Varun: its vikram.. I m damn sure its him. Where r u??

Sam: at the store above locker room.

Varun: OK I m coming.

Varun leaves, when sanju is shown coming down the store room’s stair. She finds two men standing their at the lobby. One is vikram & other is security guy(which he has bribed) they hear someone coming upstair and open the terrace door and holds sanju’s mouth and push her in to the terrace. It also shows that it was Sam and varun how had come to check the locker room. And at that time sanju vikram and security guy were on terrace. As they leave the security guy comes out and locks the terrace door. With vikram still their with sanju.
That when Sam comes up again. And the footage is shown Sam and varun still standing at the door of terrace.

Sam thinks where she could b and pushes on the door, he is a bit out of control with CCTV recording it. His heart is pounding. He could hear varun heart beat along with his own. He is partially transformed. But hears two more heart beating on the other side of door. Varun is trying to calm him. Sam uses his heat signature tracking to see two person on terrace. He breaks the door.

They both see vikram helding sanju as hostage. Varun pushes Sam to avoid vikram seeing his face clearly. But Sam wakes up and goes to attack vikram. He is terrified at sam’s face and drops the knife which he was holding at sanju’s neck. He runs away panicking…

Sanju calms Sam down and he returns to normal after a few minute still shivering. Varungives him water.

VA run calls Tanaya informing about the incident. And ask her to track vikram down before he confronts anyone.

Its evening, everyone is gathered at the basement of gill mansion. With vikram tied to a chair. Sam , varun , Tanaya and Ralph enters.
Vikram gets terrified on seeing Sam. And Sam gets angry with his eyes turning blue, scaring vikram still more. Tanaya ask him to calm down and let her handle.

Vikram: wat monster r u!!

Sam: the worst of all. And so it would b better if u stay away from my family.

Tanaya calms Sam. She then compels vikram to forget everything he saw. He should just remember that he came to met his fiance and then went home to sleep.

Vikram repeats her words. And they leave him

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  1. Nice episode and I don’t think vikram will leave this easily, he will do something to disturb Sam n sanju

  2. How can they believe that idiot vikram yaar

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