Dewana dil Part 37


Sam sings tujo he to me hu.. And dances with sanju on his balcony. He plays guitar as well. Sanju and Sam are about to kiss when they hear noise in kitchen. They all rush to kitchen and find Pooja searching for ice cream. Sanju gives ice cream to her. But Pooja ask her to sleep with her for old times sakes. Sanju agrees. Sanju and Pooja hug.

Fb is shown how Pooja had seen Sam romancing with sanju and in anger she went into kitchen and threw the plates down so that they would come down.

Sam is alone in his room. He says to sanju’s pic that she is too selfish. She never thought that how would he sleep alone in the room. He thinks to text sanju.

Sam: I hate u. U know I can’t sleep without my teddy bear. :[email protected]

Sanju: aaawww baby.. Pls understand.
Sam: I can’t sleep with out u.u know na!!
Sanju: okay I would sneak back to our room once she falls asleep.. OK?
Sam: OK waiting for u xoxo

Pooja could hear the vibration of type and knew that sanju would sneak back to her room. She follows sanju who closes the door.
Pooja gets angry, she thinks she can’t loose from sanju. She has to do something else to come close to Sam. She fantasizes about Sam

Its next day. Everyone is gone to work. On the radio she listens to snow storms bulletin. And thinks of some plan. As the weather is going bad. She goes towards hospital. Sanju all are safely home. Sam was going to stay at hospital.

Pooja calls sanju that she went for interview and now is stuck in storm. She gives an address close to hospital. Sanju advice her to go to the hospital. She would b safe their. Pooja smiles that her plan is working. Sam comes to take her and they both head to hospital.

Pooja: its really cold..
Sam: ya pretty cold..
Pooja: do u have booze in here. Tries storming through his cabin. Sam says no. But then he takes her to Dr. Robbins stash. And makes her a drink. She gulps it down. She offers that he should loosen up a bit as well. And she starts song and starts to dance. And drink. She forces Sam to drink. But Sam says that being married and responsible for sanju he don’t wanna make mistake that he has to hide his face from sanju. He gives her blanket and goes to his cabin. He locks it and tries to sleep.

The storm stays for 2 days. As it clears Sam and pooja return to home. Sam does not tell sanju about pooja’s advances. As Pooja had walked him out telling that it would embarrass her in front of her sister. A few days pass and finally to Sam’s relief, Pooja is going home. Back to India.

Sanju and Sam goes to airport to drop her. She hugs sanju and sam and whisper in sam’s ear that its not over.

Sam is tensed for wat Pooja meant. If he couldread her mind like before aall this would never matter. But he is weak and has very limited powers. And undergo every month a torment to change into wolf breaking all his bones. They reach home but still Sam is thinking about all this.

Sanju can see that Sam is in deep thoughts. She comes close and kisses him. Sam is startle as to wat happened!!. Sanju says that a fun loving wife kissed her boring husband. Sam runs behinds sanju and catches her. They both r romancing when Ralph comes. Sam gets irritated that can’t he get a few minutes with sanju. Tanaya comes laughing, sanju is also laughing at sam’s complains. But Sam is angry(like a baby). Tanaya suggest to take sanju to the pent house in city or country side house.

Sam has closed sanju’s eyes. He ask her to b careful of steps and leads her to elevator. He opens her eyes at the door of pent house. Its a fully automated house. With voice controlled key authorised to sanju and Sam. Sam says main door open and it opens. Sam smiles, and says now we will get all privacy. He lifts sanju in his arm and rushes inside.sanju is seeing whole house.

Sanju: its beautiful.
Sam: kisses her on neck. Most beautiful thing is.

Sam changes the wall paper by his remote to heart shaped pink design on wall and sets a romantic theme to their house.
They both cuddle each other. And light music is playing in the background. The scene fades at the heart design on the wall.

They both r in bed and cuddling each other.
Sam: do u know I was so jealous of people having a life partner!!
Sanju: laughs
Sam: seriously.. I couldn’t have some in life and now I m satisfied as I have some one worth waiting in my life.

He kisses her on her fore head and she hugs him..

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