Dewana dil Part 36


Phone is ringing at gill mansion. Tanaya picks up the phone. Its sanju’s mom on the other side. She informs that sanju’s cousin Pooja is coming to US to stay at their house. Tanaya replies that she would manage pooja’s stay at their home.
At diner, tanaya discloses about Pooja coming to visit them. Sanji starts coughing at the tablehearing the neWS. Sam offers water to her. She assimilate the situation and prepares to welcome Pooja to her home. She is well aware of pooja’s nature. She knows that she was jealous of her at wedding, looking at gill mansion will take this to another level.

Sam and sanju r at the airport to pick her up. They r holding her board.

Though Pooja being so jealous of sanju, she always make herself look as sanju’s biggest well wisher.

As they see Pooja coming. Sanju shouts Pooja. And Pooja too shouts sanju and both hug each other. Pooja hugs Sam too. They askabout her flight and she rreplies that it was comfortable.

As she sees sanju’s jaguar she jumps in excitement. And says she always wanted to ride a jaguar. And ask them to give the keys. But Sam talks her out as she doesn’t have an international license and that would b A problem if they get caught. So Sam and sanju sits in front and Pooja at back seat.

Pooja informs that her mother wants her to get settled with some NRI and as her Jiju is in US he could find a really nice rich NRI for her. Sam replies sure. Pooja is watching continuously atsaSam, which is noticed by sanju. Pooja apologizes for staring and ask that he looks different since marriage!! And ask is their anything special reason?? And makes fun.. They all laugh and soon arrive to mansion.

Looking at the mansion Pooja is awestruck. She exclaims that sanju has got nice rich man. When she enters the hall, the enormous ceilingppainting catches her attraction. She keeps on watching every valuable in the house. Sanju comes after parking her car. Sheask did sshelike her home??. But Pooja replies that she like it so much that she could stay their for whole life. Sanju feels odd about the comment but than laughs thinking it to b her joke. Pooja laughs too.

Sanju shows her guestroom and she is delighted by it. Than she ask to see sanju’s room. Which she shows. But the enormous room and with painting of sanju makes her jealous through the core. They go to balcony from where their artificial pond can b seen. Which sanju shows her and also shows her the flowers of her balcony. Sanju is busy showing her the garden below from the balcony when Pooja is about to push her. But she hears someone coming, its Sam.

Pooja: Jiju.. I feel that sanju is so lucky that u chose her.
Sam: actually its me who is lucky..
Sanju shys and smiles. Pooja gets irked seeing Sam taking pride for sanju.
Pooja: ohh.. Come on.. Jiju.. We all know that if it won’t have been sanju than their would b some other beautiful girl. But definitely the thing is with u. Such a house and car. Any girl would love u.

Sam: saali shaiba… That’s not love if she would love my house and cars. And my sanju loved me for who I m. She never left my side when I was in trouble.

Leaving the hand that Pooja is holding, Sam comes to sanju and hugs her and kisses her fore head.

Sam: thanks for being in my life.

Pooja: (gets irked but then changes her face, before thy can see it) aaawww such a cute couple.

She somes in between them and hugs them. She ask them that today they would go out for dinner. And they would also show her the town
Both sanju and Sam agree.

At night, sanju is causally dressed and so is Sam. But Pooja comes their wearing a lot of make up and short dress.

Sanju: u look good.
Pooja: but why r u dressed like an aunty??(makes a bad face)
Sanju: we r going for dinner and not…
Pooja: look now… (Goes and holds Sam arm) u r looking odd one out. Jijs and I look so adorable. He looks perfect even if he wears causal. But u need some thing fashionable to match him… Don’t she jijs??

Sam: do u know best thing about sanju, Pooja!! Beautiful dresses and expensive make up don’t define her beauty.

Pooja gets irked.but she changes the topic.

Pooja: OK I m very hungry. Let’s go pls. U don’t wanna kill ur guest starving.

They all head to garage and open it to find Sam’s expensive car collection..
Pooja: ooohhh myyyy goddd. Pls Ferrari pls Ferrari … Sam pls take Ferrari.

She starts jumping. Sanju takes the Ferrari with Pooja and Sam takes his Volvo.. They reach restaurant. Behind Sam Pooja is walking and after her is sanju. When they r about to take seat their is a couch for 2 and a chair. So Sam thinks to sit on couch, as he slides in the couch. On the other side Pooja sits. Sanju is standing. But then she sits on the chair. They order. Due to pooja’s behaviour and their sitting everyone thinks that Sam and Pooja r couple.

Pooja:see I thought it before sitting. Jiju eats non veg and I too so I can accompany him. Or he would have to eat those veggies with u.

Sam has order a roasted chicken for Pooja and himself and Greek salad for sanju.

When Greek salad arrives. Pooja makes fun of sanju. But she starts eating. But the real thing happens when Pooja has difficulty in eating chicken with fork and knife. And everyone is watching her as she struggles with it. Sam is eating quietly and smirking a bit. Finally Pooja gets irritated by food spilling all over and noise of the fork, knife and plate. And she starts to eat with her hand in disgusting manner. People r watching it and laughing. Pooja realises this and ask to go home as she is finished(actually she wants to eat more, but doesn’t want to b embarrassed more in front of Sam)

In bedroom, Sam is smiling. Sanju comes from behind wats the matter of or smile. Sam ask her to let it go.

Sanju: I know y u ordered roasted chicken!! U wanted her to b embarrassed.

Sam: no I just wanted her to show the difference between u and her. Which she is forgetting.

Sanju: aaawwww my baby.. But now don’t go haywire on her. We r host. And she is our guest so behave.

Sam: but u have to agree that today people saw pig eating chicken.. (Laughs loud)

Sanju: Sam…. (Makes angry face) but than laughs too

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