Dewana dil Part 35


The creature is almost gonna kill Ralph when it hears some one murmuring a tune. It becomes restless and starts find the direction from where it is coming. And drops Ralph down. Ralph is coughing and Tanaya rushes to him.

The creature is still confused. They hear someone approaching them, due to rustle of leaves. The voice grows closer and closer. And the creature jumps towards the site it is coming.

Its sanju. In the same cream dress with a largeblood stain near the middle. But she seems fine. She puts her hand on the creature.The crecreature howls and starts transforming back. Everyone is shocked at the scene.

The creature transforms into Sam. And hugs sanju in tears.

Sanju: its OK.. We both r survived. .. Its OK.

At gill mansion everyone is sitting confused. At wat they saw. Sanju comes to the hall after bath and changing her clothes. She made Sam sleep.

Sanju: u all look worried and confused!!! Shocked to see both of us alive?

Tanaya: we can’t know about the recent events. And how he survived?

Sanju: actually we both died that night.

Everyone is shocked and dumb struck.

Sanju: confused?? Let me explain. I stabbed the knife and fell off the cliff. In water I couldnt survive for it was too cold. But I have been reborn to have next progeny of white witches. So they gave a tap to my powers and some how I survived to the shores. Remember even my past life.

Varun: wat about Sam? We saw him dead.

Sanju: Sam was a majdai. But how died before I gave curse to madjai so he transformed into the some thing that I was granted. But due to his betrayal to me. And trying to make me pay he challenged my love which was power of spell, turning the spell into a curse for him. But as u know a majdai has to die to b reborn as wolf. So happened to Sam. He got reborn as a wolf but due to the spell he is also a vampire.

Tanaya: so wat is he now?

Sanju: he is a hybrid. Half wolf half bat.

Everyone listens to her words shocked.

Varun: have u got powers? To revert spell?
Sanju: no I m not that powerful. But my body will protect me subconsciously in any dangerous situation.

Tanaya comes to sanju and hugs her.
Tanaya: I m so happy that u both r back. I thought I lost u both.

Ralph: but nobles won’t accept masters new hybrid status.

Sanju: they don’t need to know wat he is. This news won’t go out of the gill mansion.

Sam screams. Everyone rushes to his room.

Sanju: wats the matter with him??
Tanaya:(holds his hand) he is dreaming about last to last night.

Sam is struggling in sleep. Sanju and Tanaya holds his hand.

Varun: I remember my 1st transition it was worse. And I had nightmares for whole month. About the shooting.

Sanju:(kissing Sam’s forehead) we will get through this too..

A few days later.
Sam and sanju are working in hospital. Since that incident Sam is very quite. He doesn’t get involved and stays away from everyone. He doesn’t even come close to sanju. Everyone is worried for him.

Tanaya’s msg comes in varun and sanju’s phone.
‘ emergency meeting at hall at 9. Don’t bring sam’

Varun and sanju gets tensed as to wat new problem is on their way.

Tanaya, Ralph are waiting for them in hall. Tension can b seen clearly on their faces

Sanju: wat the emergency??
Tanaya: nobles wats to b made elders. And for that they r coming to meet Sam.

Ralph: but when they would meet him they would understand that their is some problem with Sam. And it won’t b good for us.

Sanju: so wat do u suggest??

Ralph: if Sam could meet them and postpone their idea for some time it would b great.

Tanaya: he would require all his power to turn a noble to elder. We can’t risk him transforming back to creature.

Varun: but he is gonna transform on full moon.
Tanaya: yes but not in front of orthodox nobles. And with full moon being in week this is the worst timing.

Varun: even after full moon he would b weak for a few days.

Sanju: (thinking for a moment) call the nobles tomorrow. I will talk them out.

Tanaya: they won’t listen to any human.
Sanju: they would have to.

On next day. All 30 nobles have arrived. Out of them 12 elders have to b selected.
Tanaya: this is worst idea. If they doubt us. Wewwould b in great trouble.

Sanju: (wearing her watch) has Sam gone to hospital?

Tanaya: yes.
Sanju: than nothing can b a problem..

A big hall of basement is seen. All the 30 nobles with their vampire bodyguards are standing. 12 chairs are their in the hall and bigger chair at the other side of hall.

Sanju enters the hall with Ralph and Tanaya by her side and other residents of gill mansion.

Noah:( a noble) wats this joke?? We want a discussion with master and not some human.
Sanju: may b u should lower u tone with me!!(calmly) for if my husband would know that u talked to me like that may b u won’t get a seat here in the room but with the previous elders in the hell. (She sees him curtly)

Rowena:(another noble) u cant threaten us.
Sanju: u r saying this to the person by whose power u all r immortal.

Tanaya is worried like hell. Because if their act gets blown none of them would survive.

Noah: so wat do u propose?

Sanju: my husband rite now doesn’t want to see u faces. But he ordered me to pass this message to u all. For now he is very angry dye to rebellion of elders. And does not want to create any more elder right now. ( everyone starts to talk with each other) but.. ( a pi drop silence occurs in the hall) he would check each nobles for their loyalty in the next 1 yr. And those found worthy will made elders.

Rowena: 1yr is too much time. Elders are needed rite now.

Sanju: for now going against his word means death. And last elders r a proof to it. And any one wants to change this they may argue to sam… But I assure u that results wont b fruitful of that… Rather to wait for a yr of ur immortal life will b easy. U have waited so long to b elder. A year more wont make a difference.

Elders are convinced with sanju. They all meet Tanaya and leave.

As they all leave Everyone takes a breath of relief..

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