Dewana dil Part 34


Gina orders the compelled wolves to attack on sanju. Sam tries to break the chain but he is too weak. Gina is enjoying Sam and sanju’s struggle sitting on the blanket that Sam had brought for dinner.

Gina: u know its really warm!!! I enjoy it… Sorrynot the bblanket but her screams. But blanket is also good.. Oooo … Its cold.

Sam:(screaming trying to break loose) let her go Gina pls. I beg u. Pls.

Gina: (comes close to Sam) I like u begging. Do it again!!

Sam: pls Gina I beg of u leave her out of this.

In back ground sanju’s scream can b heard.

Gina: I m going to give u the exact same reply that u gave me. ‘ I m doing this for u’

Sam tries to catch her but she moves away.

Sanju grabs a knife from one of the wolves during struggle.

Sanju: stay away from me or I will kill u.

Gina:(laughs) so u r gonna kill all of them than too I would kill u in a second.. But u know wat I like to make Sam see that I maligned his love. His pure sanju..

Sanju: maybe I can’t kill u.. (Walking back towards the cliff pointing the knife at wolves) but I won’t give u wat u want.

(She sees towards Sam) its OK.I love u my love.

Saying so she stabs herself and falls off the cliff.

Sam: (breaking the chains) no.. (Rushes to the cliff. And can only see the ripples in the water)

Gina: she should have survived the fall. She took my entertainment part. Damn.

Sam runs to Gina and grabs her by her neck with his eyes glowing bright red. A wolf cuts his neck knife. And Sam starts to bleed. And drops Gina. And when she gets back on her legs she kicks Sam.

She orders the werewolves to tie Sam again in chains. And then pierces the knife in his chest.

Gina: sorry Sam I wanted to wait and watch u die. But sorry have other work to do. Because if u die maybe I would die as well. And if I survive than I have to run from ur idiotic sister.So this is good bye then( she kisses him on cheeks)

And leaves their.

Sam is delusional from the werewolf’s serum and blood loss. He is looking at the cliff and sees the sun rising. His body has already start showing marbling( a postmortem changes of skin). But in the light of sun he sees some in ball gown walking towards him. She comes close to Sam and sits. Its sanju dressed like she 1st meet Sam in fresher.

Sanju: its OK.
Sam: I want to b with u. I m tired of living alonewithout u. pls end this.
Sanju: its OK it won’t hurt anymore.
Sam: if I survive this, I won’t b even able to recognize myself.
Sanju: we don’t have much time( she kisses him on forehead)
And Sam passes out. And a above shot shows only Sam hanging by his arms on the chain.

Tanaya, Ralph and varun arrive their shortly. But find Sam dead.

Varun: he could b brought back right?? (In panic)

Tanaya:( crying) I don’t know.
Ralph: ( tensed) his body is in decomposition. That means he can’t b back.
Varun: no.. No.. No..( punches a tree) this can’tb hahappening.

But his site falls on the two glass. And thinks for a bit.

Varun: ( shocked) where is sanju?
Tanaya: wat do u mean??
Varun: they both were here.. Showing her the glasses.
Ralph: if they have done this to Sam. I don’t think..

Before he finishes varun punches him in the face. But Ralph keeps his calm. Tanaya ask him to calm down.

Tanaya: we have bigger things to worry.. (Watching Sam’s body)

Everyone is back at gill mansion. They have Sam in the coffin. And tanaya is crying. Varun comes and hugs her. They both mourn for Sam. Ralph comes to the basement where they are.

Ralph: their is a problem. Elders have declared an attack. They now know that killing Sam won’t kill them. And news of his demise has spread. They want the power.

Varun: can’t they mourn for someone who has given them this life. And instead came to fight for his legacy.

Tanaya: they would make every person that was loyal to sam pay . their life will b living hell. Even u varun

Varun: so wat do we do?? U should go underground and I would too.
Tanaya: for how long we keep running?? When u r immortal the time of running is infinite.

Varun: so wat should we do??

Tanaya: I was always a runner but mg brother was a fighter. For him I m gonna fight. If I m gonna loose everything than at least by dying fighting I would feel content that I learnt something from my brother.

Ralph: we all decided to protect gill mansion. And none of us r gonna leave urside.

Its battles time. 11 elders gathered at riverside of the gill mansion… And tanaya with Ralph and other minions on the other side. Defending their freedom, gill mansion. Varun comes their and holds tanaya’s hand.

Varun: u were rit to die running is worse.

The elders declares to dispatch the minority that Tanaya had.
Though lesser in no. They r more powerful than elders minions. As they older than them. Whoever they r greatly outnumbered. The most powerful one is Ralph and tanaya. And varun is giving back up to them.

Elders signs to split the three. And some of them grabs varun. Leaving tanaya mad Ralph defenseless. Later Tanaya is grabbed by a leader. And then Ralph too.

Elders decides that they don’t want any war prisoner( signing them kill everyone).everyone has accepted that it their end. And Tanaya sees towards varun. And smiles a good bye. And closes her eye.

Butchering is gonna start from Tanaya. But as the guy is gonna drop the knife he gets kicked and hits the tree and his limbs gets torn.

Everyone is relieved to see Tanaya still alive. They look towards the person that saved Tanaya. Its a huge wolf with bony wings. Whole black. With neon blue eyes. He attacks an elder and rips him to pieces. Elders get into panic. Tanaya frees herself and starts fighting again with the mysterious creature. And so does other.

The creature is ripping off one by one all the elders. When he rips the final elder, all elders minion run away. But the creature attacks Ralph. And holds his by his neck in the air. Everyone fears that Ralph will b ripped apart by the creature like elders. So Tanaya intervenes but the creature throws her back. And varun also tries but it overpowers him as well.

The scene ends at the creature holding Ralph

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  1. They both r dead ,so sad.what happens next and who is that creature.

  2. Would disclose it in next part

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  4. Its sad yaar sanju sam dead

  5. Ahhhh, how come Sam n sanju dead? N who is this creature? Eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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