Dewana dil Part 33


Sanju is doing night duty at hospital and the next day is karwachauth. She leaves early in the morning for sargi. As she reaches their she smells yummy food smell. She walks to the kitchen and find Tanaya cooking chole bhature for her. She hugs Tanaya and says thanks.

Sam comes their. He is wearing a chef cape.

Sam: oyyyeee!!! Don’t waste ur all thanks on Tanaya I made this.

Sanju smiles and comes to Sam. She hugs him and says thank u.

Sam: (taking of his cape and acting to get angry) OK I leave this job. U give hug to Tanaya and just hug to me.

Sanju: aaaaawwww wat does my baby want??

Sam: (pulling her close) don’t u know??

Tanaya coughs. Sam and sanju comes out of their romantic mode.

Sanju: I will take bath and come.
Tanaya nods. Sam smiles and signs should I come. Sanju eye him. They smile.

Sanju can’t eat anymore but Sam is making her eat with his own hand. She is telling him not to make her eat so much. Finally she runs to her run. Due to over eating she is holding her stomach. Sam follows her. He laughs wat watching sanju roaming in the room due to restlessness.

Sanju: why did u made me eat so much?
Sam: I didnt wanted u to b low on sugar today.
Sanju: acha badla le rahe ho( u r taking good revenge from me)
Sam smile.

Its almost 8 o’clock of evening and sanju has almost been to balcony for 11 times. She is hungry like hell. She is having acidity due to night duty. Chole and today’s fast. She is blurping. Sam and varun are watching restlesssanju.

Sanju: (angrily) y is this moon taking so long??
Sam: it will come up baby.
Varun: u should eat. If u r hungry. A minute more or less won’t do any harm
Sanju: no.. No.. I did this for us and I can’t b weak at last few minutes.

Sam says their it is. The beautiful moon light is enlightening whole of the balcony, the rose and the flowers and making the balcony beautiful in the moon light. Tanaya comes with Pooja thal. Sanju watches the moon. And Sam watches her. Then sanju does the rituals. Sam makes her drink water and then makes her have sweet.
Sanju finishes eating but a bit of cream is still their on her lips.

Sam: (signing towards the lip) their is some thing.

Sanju: where?? ( she wipes the other side)
Sam comes closer to her. And kisses her on her lips.
Sam: now it is gone.
Sanju: u just need a reason( pushes Sam away)

Sam runs behind her. He catches her and gives a gift in her hand. She opens it to find a sapphire diamond necklace.

Sam: a diamond for my life’s diamond. Though it can’t match u in beauty but its just a try.

Sam makes her sit in front of the mirror and makes her wear the necklase.

Sanju: its beautiful.

Sam: I know u love Sapphire very much.

He kisses her cheeks. Laboon ko laboo pe saja o. Plays in back ground and sanju kisses her. And screen fade at the mirror showing reflection of sanju and Sam getting close.

Few days passed
Sam has left a letter for sanju to come to their favourite cliff as a surprise awaits for her over their. She drives her Jaguar to the cliff. And walks through the jungle to the cliff. She finds a bon fire and a cushion their with dinner on it.

Sam comes from the dark. Happy birthday dear..

Sanju is shocked that Sam remembers this and she had totally forgotten her own birthday.

Sam opens vintage wine bottle. And then brings the cake that he has baked.

Sam: happy birthday my sweet girl.
Sanju: (shyingly smiles) thanks love.

She cuts the cake and then enjoy the dinner with Sam naughty talk. Sanju thinks that once so silent Sam has become such a funny, naughty and one liner master.

They are lying on the couch with sanju playing with Sam’s finger and Sam running his fingers in her hair. Suddenly Sam hears some thing and gets alert. He concentrates his hearing to the direction of sound and shhh.. Sanju.

Sam: Run from hear no matter whatever happens don’t return over. Here. Do u under stand!!
Sanju: (a bit tensed) wat??
Sam: just leave now. (He puts the bonfire off)

The noise grows close to Sam in the dark but he could see the heat signatures of the coming people. They don’t look like human.

Suddenly someone jumps on Sam. But he overpowers her, its Gina. Sam is shocked. But some body tranquilizes him. He wakes up to find Gina holding hostage to sanju. With a few men with her. Sam is a bit having difficulty to even stand up.

Gina comes close as she sees that Sam is awake.

Gina: rise and shine Sam. U probably would b feeling y r u so much dizzy?? That because I gave u werewolf serum. U remember when u healed sanjana took all the serum and u became ill I did that to u again. Ur powers won’t work because u can’t heal now. As I designed this serum with sacred soil.

Sam is shocked. Sanju is struggling with the men to let her go.

Sam: OK u want revenge than take it from me let her go.

Gina: Sam.. Sam… My dr Sam. I know that u killed Roy. But it won’t have happened if she wasn’t their. She was the root of it. For today I would avenge my Roy. By making u watch u wife’s respect being malign by these werewolves. And then I would kill her before u. And than would give a slow death to u too.

Isn’t it a perfect revenge plan( Gina laughs madly)

Sam tries to break open but can’t.

Gina: (making a cut by a knife on sam’s chest) why need a gun and bullet when the best thing is knife. Its made up of a kanim recipe to kill u. I did my homework

Sam: I took care of u. U would have died many years ago. I brought u under my wing and u betray me.

Gina: I never asked u to turn me. U did it urself(angrily) ( composing her self back) do u know that I compelled this 40 werewolves that they have to attack Sanjana. It was so tiresome to find this many. But they would do whatever I say to them. For now the revenge shall b mine.

She laughs..

Sanju is near the cliff.
Sanju: sorry Sam… I love u my love ( she falls off the cliff).
Sam breaks the chain off screaming her name

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