Dewana dil Part 32


Its morning, sanju is sleeping like a baby. With her one arm of Sam’s chest. Sam is wake. A lock of hair is on her cheeks Sam pushes it back of her ear. Sanju feels his touch and wakes up .

Sanju:(with a nice sleepy smile) good morning hon.

Sam: good morning love.
Sanju tries to open the windows curtain. And ask Sam to get up.

Sam: do u know how luckily I feel when I m in bed with u. And u always take my that moment by opening this curtains.(cutely)

Sanju:(coming close to sam) OK u have 3 more seconds of this moment.( Sam kisses her on her cheek) 1…2…3…

She opens the curtain and runs seeing that Sam got annoyed for spoiling the moment. He runs behind her. And catches her near the door, he pins her to the door. He could feel sanju’s racing heart and her rapid breaths. And the smell of musk that she was wearing the other night. He moves closer to her neck and plants a kisses.

Sanju pushes him away. And runs out of the door. But sanju again catches her by couch and they fall on it. They are kissing when varun walks in.

Varun: ( awkwardly) sorry I should have knocked.

Sam: (sitting on the couch and also helping sanju to sit) no its fine, we just fell on the couch.

Sanju is a bit awkward and acting to manage her dress without looking varun.

Varun: ya dude its OK.. I have a walking or rather running couch and it makes people fall on it.

Sanju leaves from their blushing. Sam gets annoyed at varun comments. But varun is still pulling off. So Sam gets up to hit varun. They both have a bros fight. Till sanju calls them for break fast.

A call comes on sam’s phone.

Sam: OK I will b rit their.
Sanju: wats the matter? U sounded serious!!
Sam: Ralph has got Roy. And I have to go urgently.

He kisses sanju’s forehead. And says he is gonna take care of everything. They hug and Sam and varun leave. Sanju is shown worried.

At the basement of gill mansion.
Screams are coming from the basement. Ralph, Gina and Tanaya greet Sam and varun at the door to the basement.

Sam: did he say who was helping him?
Ralph: no sire. He is a tough one to break
Sam and the company moves to the basement. But Tanaya stops varun outside.

Tanaya: u should wait here. When it comes to my brothers anger or revenge, no one can handle the site of the person he is up against.

Varun: I m a doctor. And a werewolf.

Tanaya: its better for u. (She signs minion to take care of varun)

Sam is about to start torture. But Gina holds his feet.

Gina: pls I beg u leave him.

Gina: (in tears) u promised every immortal thatu created can have a partner. And I found my partner in Roy. Pls leave him for my sake.

Sam: Gina he is a kanim.

Gina: he loves me pls.

Sam: Gina once a kanim always a kanim. He only shares a bond to his family. And is just using u.

Gina: pls I beg of u.. For I have been loyal to u for so many millenniums. Pls let him go for me.

Sam: my Gina.. Dr… I m protecting u from him. If his informer would b anyone else I would have killed them. But it was u and I m ready to leave u for or treason but I can’t let him go. If I do this I would b a fool.

Gina: pls.. (Sobs)

Sam: take her away. (Coming near to Roy) for I was planning to torture u like u did to me. But for Gina I will give u a quick death. Take Gina away.

Tanaya take Gina away.

Roy:(murmuring) that Gina is long gone she believes wat I told her. And u r gonna lose her as u lost ur wife. Even in the pain I remember her soft lips on my lips.

Sam gets angry and he rips his jaws apart.

At gill mansion. In Sam’s room

Sanju is resting on bed. Sam comes. He throws his coat on couch and sits on it holding his head. Sanju comes to him with water. She can feel how tensed he is for Gina.

Sam: I wish I could sleep, I really need it. For today’s day had been extremes.

Sanju carcasses his head.

Sam: I m really worried for Gina. By killing Roy I almost shattered her. But I didnt have any other choice.

Sanju: (comes close and hugs him) she would understand soon enough. Don’t worry.

Sam: finally I could bring u back to ur rightful place. ( moves his fingers on her cheeks)

Sanju: its good to b back in our room I really missed it.

Sam kisses sanju. Some one is watching this from the glass door of balcony. And then jumps of the balcony.

Its Gina. She looks angry. And leaves gill mansion.

For Ross and kahn back in town they discuss the recent attack on sanju. Sam comes from behind and gives sanju the phone. Its her mothers.

Mom: hey listen I just forgot to remind u that u have to do karwachauth. Its ur 1st time so I already sent details to tanaya and u have seen me doing it many times. But just wanted to remind u that its tomorrow.

Sanju: (knowing that sam, Ross and Kahn can listen to the non stop speaking of her mom)
OK mom, I will remember love u. Bye.

She cuts the call.

Sam: no need to do any karwachauth. And why do u need it??after all its for husbands long lifeand being an immortal husband u should have this perk.

Sanju: OK.. Point taken. But I would b doing this for our long married life. OK. So shut up.. I m doing vrat anyways.

Sam: OK my lord. I rest my case.

Ross and Kahn laughs at nok jhoks.

Tanaya comes to Sam saying that still Gina has not returned. And she is worried about her.
Sam also worries about Gina.

Sam: Gina.. Gina… Dr.. Where r u??

Sanju: she would return. Trust or bond with her.

Sam nods a yes. Tanaya starts to ask about karwachauth.

Sanju is having acidity and is blurping and varun and Sam are making fun of her. And she runs behind them to hit them. Tanaya ask them to not to trouble her as she is fasting. Sam ask her since when did she become bhabhi’s chamchi.

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