Dewana dil Part 31


An odd atmosphere is their in the restaurant. Sanju can’t see Sam. But Sam can see her. And Roy is sitting such that he can see Sam. As sanju and Roy leave. Sam follows them. But he makes excuse to Tanaya and varun that he is going to bathroom.

Roy has gone to take the car. And sanju is standing alone. So Sam goes to her

Sam: I know

Sanju: wat?
Sam: that their is conspiracy
Sanju: their is no conspiracy against u. Just get over with it.
Sam: I blocked everyone from my thoughts. U can talk to me.
Sanju:( emotionally) really( her eyes get filled with tears)

Roy comes their and sees Sam with sanju. He gets down the car.

Roy:(pushing Sam ) can’t u get over. She left u for me. Now accept this.

Sam: we both know who she loves more. And with whom she is going to b wi. .

Roy: (pushes Sam again) just get lost dude.

Sam also pushes him back. And both starts to fight. Sam is having an upper hand. Sanju ask them to leave each other. Sam leaves Roy. But he takes out the gun that he made.

He shoots and the screen freezes. Sam sees that sanju was in middle and the bullet has hit her instead of him.

Witches bone and sacred soil of birthplace are very rare. And thus only one bullet was managed by Roy. He understands that he can’t hurt him anymore. And his eyes turn green andhe runs from ttheir, as Sam is comforting sanju.

Hearing the sound of shot varun and Tanaya come running. (No one can hear it but they have great hearing sense so). Tanaya and varun see sanju bleeding.

Tanaya: who did this??
Sam:( a bit in panic) Roy(sanju is in his lap a bit conscious)
Tanaya: she deserves it. Just leave her.
Varun: just stop it tanaya.( he goes by Sam’s side to help sanju)
Sam: Tanaya u go home. And order to find Roy. Now. I will punish him myself.

Tanaya: but she did this to u. And u want to punish the man who shot her.!!

Sam: (getting angry with his red glowy eyes) yes just go.

Tanaya leaves. Varun brings car for Sam and sanju.

Varun: I will take shortcut to hospital.
Sam: no not to hospital
Varun:(confused) have u changed ur mind by Tanaya’s words? U don’t wanna help sanju?
Sam: take to ur house. Or the penthouse that we used to party secretly.
Varun:OK penthouse is near.

They bring sanju to the house. Sam ask varun to bring sutures and antibiotics and pain killer.

Scene shifts to pemthouse terrace. Where Sam and varun are standing. Varun is shocked.

Varun: are u sure??
Sam: Roy confirmed my doubt when he fled from the scene and his eyes turned green. He is a kanim. And we were attacked at our honeymoon by a kanim.
Varun: wat is a kanim? And why didn’t u tell me before?? And why he is after u??
Sam: they are supernatural hunters they know how to kill us. But they never hurt any werewolf because one of their family member was a majdai and now is a werewolf. Kanim family had a mark on their wrist of Ra. When I saw that on roy’s wrist I came to know he belongs to kanim family. But then question remained why was sanju hiding this from me. So then I thought that it might b my connection to others. And some one from inside might b helping him. I had doubt on every vampire so I decided not to disclose my plan to any one.

Varun: but we werewolf show loyalty to sanju. Than how could that Roy hurt her.

Sam: infact he wanted to hurt me. And it hit sanju. He had loyalty to her. But a bond that kanim family share is also a strong one. But I will find this last kanim and kill him and finish this chapter once and for all.

Varun: thank god sanju is fine.

Sam: we can’t let anyone know that she is alive

Varun: but y??

Sam: because Roy can’t hurt her. But the vampire that is helping him might. So for now she is dead. And no one knows about this penthouse. So we could keep her hear.

Varun: but she nneeds medical attention. And when we would b at hospital then?? We can’t leave her here alone.

Sam: we can take alternate leave.

Varun: OK

Sam enters the room where sanju is sleeping. He pampers her. Its morning she finds Sam near her.

Sanju: is this a dream? Or u r really here?
Sam: wat does it feels like??
Sanju: it can b dream or I m dead
Sam: (keeps his fingers in her mouth) don’t say such words.
Sanju: I love u Sam. (A tear roll down from her eye as speaks love)
Sam( wiping the tear off with his hand and kisses her forehead) I love u too my love.

Sam hug her.
Sam: u would b hungry! I made ur favourite Caesar salad for u.
Sanju nods a yes. He takes a fork and tries to fed her. But she takes it from his hand and feeds him first. They share the breakfast. And are making fun. (Scene fade at them laughing)

Sam returns to gill mansion. He is angry. He throws his coat which is blo*dy with sanju’s blood.

Tanaya and Gina comes running.
Tanaya: wat happened?
Sam: I couldn’t save her,, she died in my this arm and I couldnt do anything. (Sam breaks in tears)

Tanaya hugs him to support him. Gina stands their looking at them. Ralph also gets teary eyed seeing Sam like that.

Sam: Ralph did u have any news on Roy??
Ralph: ( looks at the ground) no master. My men r trying their best. As soon as their is any news it would reach u.
Sam: call an elder meeting as well. I want to leap frog.
Tanaya: don’t take such rash decision. And she already had betrayed u.
Sam: but I couldn’t handle last time and I won’t b able to handle it this time as well..

Tanaya gets sad.
Sam: remember Ralph he is a kanim. And a werewolf. So b alert.
Ralph: yes master.

Sam reaches pent house. He finds it decorated with candles and roses. He goes inside to see a beautiful table decorated with roses and champagne bottle at the table. But he cant find sanju their.
He calls out for sanju. Sanju comes from behind amd hugs him. She is now fine and recovered from the injury amd around a week has passed.

Sam pulls her hand to bring her in front of him.She is wearing a red vintage dress.

Sam: oh my god! Its like the aphrodite has laid a hand on u. U look ..

Sanju: hot??

Sam: and s*xy and sizzling… And.. ( he tries togo near her but sanju pushes him back)

Sanju: food first

Sam: ahhhh!! Who will go for this bland food when they see this spicy sizzler!! ( he grabs her by her waist) ohhh u have such a s*xy waist.

Sanju: later food first.

Sam opens the champagne and signs ‘aj fir tum pe pyaar aya hai’ both dance sensuously. And the scene fades in candle.

Sam butchering Roy.

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  1. Kanim oh…. fibally sam sanju safe

  2. Awesome, marvellous episode, rekha my dearrrr it’s superb. …Sam saved sanju, very sweeeeeet of him…Sam planning very good to trap roy…I think gina is the one who is helping roy…loved Sam n sanju’s romantic moments veryyyyyyy muchhhhhh. ..keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  3. Nice episode

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