Dewana dil Part 30


Sanju runs out of the cabin crying. Sam follows her. And holds her hand

Sam: wat is it?? Why r u running from me??

Sanju: because I don’t want u( crying)

Sam: I think that was not the case yesternight. U were my sanju last night. (Cups her face)

Sanju lost at Sam touch. Suddenly remember that Roy might b angry for she didn’t reach last night.she moves Sam’s hand away.

Sanju: I have to go(wiping off her tears) my bf is waiting for me at his home.

Sam to himself :I now know for sure that their is something that u r hiding. I won’t rest till I find that out( watching her hustling away)

At Roy’s apartment.

Roy:( angrily holds sanju, by her arms) where were u last night?

Sanju: (pushing him away) I was drunk and passed out. I woke up in sam’s cabin today and came running.

Roy: don’t u try to double cross me or..

Sanju: (interrupting) or wat u will make me see Sam die!! Look I know. But I wasn’t I’m my senses to come to the apartment.

Roy:(thinking a bit) did u tell anything to him while u were high??

Sanju: no I just collapsed. So had nothing to talk.

Roy: OK I will find the truth out.

Sanju: I don’t have time for ur bullshit plotting, iI have to go to work.

Sam leaves to bathroom.

At hospital.

Sam is working on some files, varun comes. He sees the whole cabin. But doesn’t find anything.

Varun: so how was last night??

Sam:(doesn’t look him in eye and keeps working) I didn’t wanted to drop her off at her boyfriend so I brought her here. She slept and I worked.

Varun: (naughtily) worked on wat??

Sam: (smiles a bit but hides his smile behind laptop so that varun can’t see) nothing like that happened.

Varun: so everything got wasted?

Sam: yes.. I think she is over me. Afterall the life with me is hard..

Sam leaves his cabin taking some files from the rack. Varun is still thinking. And confused.
Sanju is not feeling well while working in ward.She feels like vvomiting and also is having headache.

Sam watches this from blinds of the ward. He enters the ward.

Sam: u should take lemon juice and disprin. Its hang over. And people like u often get it..

Sanju: (interrupting) what do u mean people like me??

Sam: I meant those who don’t drink often.

Sanju: OK I will.

At night, Roy comes to hospital to see wats the environment. He comes and tries to kiss sanju on lips, but she turns her face so his kiss lands on her cheeks. When she hugs him, no one can see her face, at that time she makes ugly face for Roy.

Sam who is at cafeteria watches this. Roy feels that Sam is being jealous of this act. But Sam could see faces that sanju made in reflection on a glass.

Gina, the other vampire that is close to Sam, like ralph, also comes to hospital to get some papers signed.

Gina on seeing sanju fumes out. But Sam controls her

Sam: she doesn’t deserve ur anger. Go home Gina

Gina soon as Gina leaves sanju pulls Roy to store room in front of everyone.

Varun:( with a disgusting face) I think some one should get a room its hospital.. Let’s go Sam.

Sam and varun leaves. Sam is at room he breaks all furniture. And is creating a mess. Everyone is worried.

Sam: (to sanju’s painting) don’t worry I m gonna make everything fine. U tipped me enough. Now I will do wat I m best at” survive”

Varun decides to cheer up sam. As Tanaya told him that Sam has been really upset. So he takes Tanaya and Sam restaurant. But to their surprise they find sanju and roy also their for dinner. Looking at the gang, sanju’s face becomes pale, thinking wat this psycho wants now?? Why he is making me hurt my Sam so much??

At the parking. Sam and Roy indulge in fight sanju tries to separate them but Roy brings the gun out. He shoots and screen freezes at Sam and sanju shocked

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  1. Nice episode

  2. Oh no what happend dr

  3. Awesome episode, loved it very much. ..precap is interesting. ..keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  4. At least to the brighter side, Sam knows that their is conspiracy.

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