Dewana dil Part 3


Almost 8 months have passed.
Sanjana is used to vikram’s bipolar moods.
But never complained about it. But whenever he comes around to apologize he would make it worth. As if the whole person has changed.

That’s why he changes his work place from 220kms away to 20mts from sanjana’s work place. So that he could keep an eye on her whenever he wants.

Valentine day is near. Its first time that Sanjana is excited for it. Though vikram is bite tempered but sanjana has started to like it. She is going on v-day’s date with him. Wearing one piece. She is looking like some hot model. When vikram leaves to park his car a few people are staring sanjana. Unknown to her. Vikram sees this. He holds her and bring her to their table.

Still everyone looking at his beautiful lady. Sanjana ask how does she look?
Vikram punches the table. And throws the dishes and takes glass and throws on her face.

And says have u dressed up for these rascals. So that u could go with them. He holds her in a hurting manner. Everyone is seeing them.

He throws her on ground and leaves from their sanjana keeps crying.

Vikram is also a doctor but works in rural areas. He comes for a few days only. But he is attracted to sanjana’s beauty and can’t stay away from her. Since the day she told him about a guy trying molest her.

On that day
Vikram comes suddenly to sanjana’s working place and sits in between patients. Sanjana is checking her patients. Suddenly she sees vikram and gets overwhelmed and ask about his surprise visit.

Vikram gives a smile. But not the one he regularly gives her. He ask her can she take a break.

By only seeing vikram their, her senior gives her permission to leave.
Sanjana is shocked. How can those senior who never let her go before 8 o’clock at evening let her go at 12 in noon.
But happily she comes down.
Vikram: who was the guy?
Sanjana: what?? Which ??? So u drove 220 km for this. Look I complained about him
Vikram: just tell me his name.

Sanjana take him to that guy.
The guy just at Vikram’s site become scared.
And falls on sanjana’s feet apologizing. Vikram ask sanjana to slap him as hard as she could.

Sanjana says she can’t. But vikram says if she won’t than he will hit him and that would b much worse.

Sanjana hits the guy. And goes from their. But vikram hits the guy and his slap could b heard across the hospital corridor.
He comes out of the room calmly and takes sanjana with him. And behaves everything is normal.( until some classmates tell that that person had a black eye )
They enjoy their day and than leaves her homewith his good bye kiss at forehead

Chil gaye naina plays in background. Sanjana is shown driving car and crying vigorously.

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  1. Hey
    cn u snd me story so far

    1. In short vikram is chosen by sanjana’s parents. But is what he shows to people. He has anger management issue. And a dark past. So sanjana after breaking engagement moves to new York for further studies.

  2. Ahhhh, this episode was very emotional, vikrams behavior is very bad, bipolar and yet is doctor…poor sanjana ….feel so sad for her…good she is going to break this engagement. …eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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