Dewana dil Part 29

Sanju is getting ready for hospital. She sees her arm having bruises where Roy had hold her arm. She changes the dress to full sleeves so that no one can see.

At hospital.

Sam is working and giving dictation to Sutton and sanju. Varun comes their in the cabin and taps on sanju’s arm. But instead she screams in pain.

She watches that Sam has noticed the incident and than blames varun for scaring her. Varun says today is Dr. Robbins birthday and he is giving party and every one is coming from unit. He has ordered to bring plus 1 if anyone wants. And makes a face exaggerating plus one on sanju.

Sanju says OK and leaves.

Varun: Sutton!! U can leave I have to talk to Sam.

Sutton: sure sir.

Varun:( as soon as Sutton leaves, jumps to Sam) u need to bring some hot chick to the party today. That would make sanju jealous and she might b back. U remembered u engagement with Sutton!!

Sam: ( thinking) I don’t think that its that easy. I feel she is hidding something. And she won’t disclose that. But ur plan might work also. If…. (Naughtily looks at varun)

At party.

Sam is in blue T-shirt and black jeans, varun in white T-shirt and jeans. Sam is with Chelsey, though a bit stupid Chelsey is definitely a looker. Varun is with Tanaya. Sutton with vikram. Dr. Robbins comes with his wife and daughters they all welcomes. Just behind them is sanju in white one piece, with wavy hairs till waist and heels.

Varun signs sam. And Tanaya sees this. After the cake is cut. Sam signs for Chelsey(somebody, Enrique iglesia). Sanju is sitting at the table and is a bit jealous. Varun comes to her and
Varun: men will b men, when women will b women

Sanju:(showing a bit attitude and trying to hide her jealousy) wat do u mean?

Varun: u had an extra marital affair than so can Sam. Why r u getting jealous?

Sanju: ( calmly) I m not.

Varun: ohh really, because or eyes say something eyes.

Sanju:( a bit louder) no I m not jealous)

Sam and Chelsey are doing waltz.

Varun: really??

Sanju: ( angrily) no I m not jealous and leaves.

Varun to himself: the plan is definitely working.
Now I just need u to get drunk and u would confess. Like in engagement.

Sanju is going to take drink from counter but varun collides with her and changes her drink.
She feels that the drink is weird. But still drinks it.

Varun to himself 1gone 3 more to go. He does the same switching of sanju’ s drink 3 more times.

Sam and Chelsey r doing waltz. Sanju throws the glass on floor and says stop this nonsense. Everyone stops dancing. She comes to Sam and Chelsey, she is hardly in any control. She pushes Chelsey away.

Sanju:( in kidy voice) u would dance with this bad Chelsey and not with ur sanju?? Am I that bad?

Chelsey tries to talk. But Sam ask her not to. So she gets angry and walk out stomping her feet.

Sanju: music pls.
Sam signs DJ. Sam and sanju dance for a while. But sanju almost pass out on him.

Sam carries her to his car. Sanju in unconscious state utters that she doesn’t want to go to gill mansion. Sam listening to this decides to severe his connection with others.

Sam is driving and trying to control sanju who is not letting him drive. She is not letting him see on the road. And putting her feet on the windscreen or trying to kiss Sam.
Sanju: stop the car
Sam: wat??
Sanju: stop the car I said.
Sam stops the car and sanju gets out of the car and sits on the middle of the road.

Sanju: ohh god!! Pls take me!! My husband doesnt love me anymore. Pls crack this earth and let me b a part of it.

Sam understand that sanju is totally drunk and acting.

Sanju: (starting again in complaining manner) oh god look at this man, his wife wants to die and he is still sitting in car. He doesn’t love me any more.

Sam: (getting out of the car) no,I love u.

Sanju: see u don’t love me anymore, u didn’t say baby or honey or sweet hrt… Starts to cry loudly like a baby

Sam: ( being a bit frustrated at sanju’s drama) baby… Darling… I still love u.

Sanju: (suddenly stops crying) than y did u brought that Chelsey today??

Sam: (folding his hand in front of her) OK it was a mistake

Sanju:( starts crying loudly again) my mom said that husband shouldnt fold hands in front of their wife. Or wife would die. So u want me to die…

Sam: ( a bit angry) no my love, I love u and I m sorry that I brought that Chelsey and I won’t do it again.

Sanju:( stops crying immediately) promise

Sam:(smilingly) promise

Sam lifts sanju. But

Sanju: stop stop stop..

Sam: wats now??

Sanju:( innocently) my shoes

Sam takes her shoes in one hand and carries her to the car.

They reach to hospital and then enter Sam’s cabin. And than make out.

Sanju gets up to find herself sleeping next to Sam in his cabin. She can make out wat had happened last night from their way. She gets dressed. But Sam also wakes up due to hustle. Before he can talk she leaves the cabin

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