Dewana dil Part 28


Sanju is late. And she can’t find a taxi. Sam stops his car and ask her to drop her some where.

Sanju: to the hell. Just leave Sam. I don’t want any issue. Can’t u let go me. I can’t handle u with ur face as monster haunts me in night. I want a normal life. A normal family. And that’s something u can’t provide.

Sam: (still trying to understand) okay..

Sanju: ( with a face of disgust) I can’t believe u r still here, even after wat all things I told u.. U r disgusting.

Sam: (holding her face) because I don’t need to read ur mind. Ur eyes are clearly betraying ur tongue. I know my sanju well.

Roy comes their

Roy: any problem?? Babe!!

Sanju: just some stubborn people who don’t want to understand that no body loves them.

Sanju and Roy leave from their walking. While Sam stands them walking away.

At Roy’ s apartment.

Roy is throwing furniture and has made a mess ofthe whole room. He is shouting at sanju

Roy: how could u do this to me?? ( angrily) I keep u in my apartment. Give u food and u do this with me.

Sanju: (crying) look I m trying

Roy: (holds her shoulder) trying is not enough, he is still not believing u. U need to do more than this.

Sanju: ( freeing herself from his clutches and with a bit courage) I want cross my limits.

Roy: OK then I will. And tomorrow u will surely regret that u had crossed ur limits, when ur husband’s death news will b the headlines of tomorrow’s paper.

Sanju cries hard thinking about it.

Sanju: why r u doing this to us?? Wat do u want??

Roy: (cupping her face) u know wat!!

Roy leaves sanju crying on floor.

Next day.
Sanju is rude to varun and Sam. And is not talking to them. Instead makes a faces on their talk.

When she is their at canteen she finds Roy, she runs to hug him. Knowing that Sam is seeing this. But Roy gives a lip kiss to her. Sanju is shocked. But is forced not to react.

She reaches Roy’s apartment and tries to beat him for kissing her.

Roy:( holding sanju’s hair) may b now or husband would have broken, I wanted to see that look on his face when I kissed u. It was worth.

He laughs madly.

Sanju: u r insane. But till I know Sam he won’t leave u. He can’t b away from me a long time. Its not in his control. ( after composing herself a bit at Roy’s weird behaviour)

Roy: Dr.. I don’t need to for Sam has broken down on seeing kiss and I got this news from gill mansion. U know that I have an informer their.

Roy leaves and sanju thinks about how Roy came to the restaurant in Switzerland and asked her.

Roy: hey lady!! I was watching u from their for a time. I just came to tell u that u r great couple together. Can I sit hear for a minute?

Sanju: ( feels proud at the strangers comment about them) sure but my husband would b back and its his seat. So

Roy: its ok… I would leave immediately indian??

Sanju: yes.

Roy: me too. (Gets a call) sorry I have to attend it.enjoy ur lunch.

Roy leaves. But sanju finds a letter which has her name on it at strangers place.

The letter says
” this is the last day of ur honeymoon and or married life. As when u return back to US. U would file divorce petition against ur husband.
Don’t try to inform ur husband about this. As I know who he is and wat he can do. For ur information, I must tell u that a person with whom ur husband is mentally connected is with me. As soon as he tries to find that person we have made a gun with witch’s bone and sacred sand of her birthplace which can kill him. Any time when u decide to disclose any of this to him he would get shot by that bullet from which he can’t live. Now the ball is in ur court. U decide.’

When she came back to US she made Sam sleep and then left at night. And called Roy. And he took her to his apartment.

Scene shifts to present with sanju crying. And somewhere Sam getting drunk and varun trying to support him to home.

Sam is giving dictation for case in his office to sanju. Varun comes and touches sanju on shoulder mildly but she screams in pain.

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  1. l’m feeling like crying ..plz yaar don’t do it.. they just got married..pls don’t drag this situation nd clear everything on d next part,it’s a request..take care buddy..

  2. Awesome yaar

  3. Oh god seperation

  4. Nice episode but who is the person helping Roy.i think Sam emotionally connects with his sister and varun

    1. Sam shares a connection with everyone at gill mmansion and elder. Its either an elder or some one living at gill mansion.

  5. Very nice episode, but please don’t keep Sam n sanju away from each other…they should get together and fight with all the enemies…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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