Dewana dil Part 27

Sam and sanju are at some local restaurant. Sam goes for a call as the reception is bad. Sanju is sad as for its their last day of honeymoon and they would have to return to hospital after that.

Sam comes back to table to find sanju lost in thoughts, he snaps her out of it.
Sam: wat deep thoughts were u in??
Sanju: no thing. Just thinking about going back to work.

Sam: let’s enjoy today and worry tomorrow.
They both eat.

Sam gets up from a nightmare in morning at his room in gill mansion. He finds sanju missing. A note on table says that she was called urgently to hospital.Sam gets ready to go to hospital.

Sanju is checking patients with Dr. Robbins. After they finish round Sam ask sanju that she should have at least wake him up. He had nightmare and was really worried for her.

Sanju doesnt show any reaction. And goes for work.

Sam: ( taking her papers from her) wat is it? Have I done some thing ?? R u mad at me??

Sanju: (seriously ) don’t create a scene over here.
Takes the paper and goes away.

At Sam’s cabin, their is an envelope. He signs and takes it. When he opens it he is shocked to see that its divorce papers with sanju’s sign.
Sam can’t understand a thing, its like suddenly¬†all troubles of world have fallen on him.

He rushes to sanju,
Sam: wat is this?? Is this some kind of joke to u?? And if it is than its a really bad one. I really m not liking this sort of jokes.

Sanju:( still well composed) I said u before not to make a scene. And the thing u r having is having my sign so that’s wat I want.

Sam: ( trying to go close to sanju) pls baby don’t do this to me, I would die without u. Pls..

Sanju : ( pushing Sam back) just leave me. U r nothing like wat I imagined. And if u don’t wante to blabber around about u, u must give me 10, million dollars, within 2 days.

Another man comes their , looking smart, but has a foxy look on his face. He comes and kisses sanju on forehead.

Man: hey darling are u fine?

Sam pushes him and ask him how dare he touched his wife. But sanju comes in between and ask how dare he talk like this to her bf.
Sam is shocked.

She ask Roy to accompany her and goes from their. Sam stands their still in shock. As how his loving wife, suddenly introduced her bf to him and wants divorce.

Sam is at his cabin. His confrontation with sanju is still going on in his head.

Varun knock and ask to come in.

Sam runs to hug him.

Varun: I don’t understand how could she do this to u? U loved her so much

Sam: I can’t think of anything. But I don’t think that she could do anything like this ever.

Sam runs in hospital to sanju.

Sam: OK u want money and divorce. I can give u either of it. I will give u all the money but not divorce.

Sanju: but..

Sam:(interrupting) this is my territory so think before u speak against me. I won’t give u divorce u can stay with ur bf. But I won’t give u divorce. U would always b bound to me as my wife.

Sanju is shocked. And confused.

Sam turns and thinks’ jitne bhi tu karle sitam haas Haas ke sahe ge hum’

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  1. don’t want misunderstanding PLZ yaar,,,l am sure Sanju i under any Pressure…

  2. What is this shocking news yaar

  3. Hw can sanju give divorce yaar ?

  4. I think she is doing this for Sam’s life like she did in past

  5. A lot of conspiracy web are woven around the newly wed.

  6. What is this ,I’m shell shocked…why all of sudden sanju changed this much…i want to unfold this mystery…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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