Dewana dil Part 26


Sanju: I’m sure.

She gets up holding Sam hand and she puts his hand on her face. And carcasses his hand between her face and hand.

Sam holds her face with both hands. Sanju closes her eyes.

Kaise batau tuje me
Dil mera kya keh raga
Rahe na fasle ye jo
He apne darmiya.

Sanju shyingly moves away from him. Sam holds her hand and sits with knee bend.

Kaiser batau tuje me
Dil mera kya keh raha
Rahe name fasle ye Jo
He apne darmiya

He stands up and pulls sanju closer in his arm.

Tere kareeb me ho saku
De de tu apni raza..

He dances holding sanju in same way.

Pass bithau
Ye jhulf savaro

And lifts sanju in his arms

Aur baaho me le lu tuje me..
He dil ki ye khawasih
K sunle guzarish
Aur de de tu khud ko muje….

He place her on bed. Sanju shyingly hides behind the blanket. Sam pulls the blanket down slowly

Teri aadao me duub lu,
Duub lu ab tuji me,

He slowly slides his hand on her back and open her blouse string. And hugs her.

Ho jau tere itne karib
K me dikhu bas tuje me,

He rubs his cheeks to her.


Scene gets blurred in the candle lights that are in the room.

Its next morning. Sanju’s mom has made a plan for kull devi mandir for the newly weds. And Tanaya and she are doing its preparation.

Sanju and Sam are still in the blanket. With Sam still sleeping ( which he doesn’t due to nightmare he has)

Sanju carcasses his head. And looks at clock and goes for shower.

Sam gets up. And finds himself alone. He looks in the room and gets paranoid.

Sam: where is sanju??
Sanju: (comes running from shower in bathrobe as she hears the ruckus.) What’s the matter??

Sam: (has relief on seeing her& runs to hug her) I m not used to sleeping since years.

Sanju: its okay I m hear only.

Sam goes for shower. When he is out he sees sanju struggling her with saree. Sam laughs at the mess she has created. Hearing him laughing,

Sanju:( sits down on the messy saree) I know I m a mess.

Sam: its OK many people don’t know how to wear a saree.

Sanju: u r telling as if u know.
Sam: of course I can. But wat will I get in return( makes a naughty face)

Sanju: ( trying to make a bit concerned face) wat do u want?

Sam: don’t u know it?

Sanju: pls help me na… Baby… Pls… ( batters her puppy eyes at sam)

Sam: OK give it to me( smilingly).

Everyone is getting on the car. Sanju is wearing a parrot green designer saree complimenting to her fair complexion. While Sam is in navy blue shirt. And formal trousers.

As they reach their sanju gets a bit tensed.

She tries to climb a few step after a 100 step she takes her heels off, as its paining her.

Pooja is accompanying Sam. And is not letting him near sanju. Sanju is struggling to climb the stairs( still 900 steps left) on hot stairs without shoes.

After she climbs a25 more, Sam ask Pardon to Pooja, who was deliberately doing so and goes to sanju and lifts her up.

Sanju:( in shock) put me down everyone is seeing.. Its not bedroom.

Sam: we r husband and wife. And if u can’t walk than being the other half of urs I must walk for u.

Mom: but still their are 800 or more steps left. U will get pain in hands.

Sam: common mom, caring ur this sparrows won’t break my shoulder. She is too light( he starts to climb steps but everyone else has stopped. After climbing a few steps he turns back).
OK common keep up with pace. ( smiling)

Everyone reaches top. All envy sanju. They do Darshan and then Sam carries her down to the stairs.

As soon as they reach their hotel, cm is their to met Sam and congratulate them for wedding. ( they want Sam to invest intheir party).

Everyone is a bit jjealous of Sam’s power and love for sanju.

Sam and sanju on their honeymoon to Switzerland. At Sam’s villa

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  2. Nice and Sam cares for sanju a lot.

  3. Awesome episode, lovely pair, Sam n sanju moments were best..precap seems very interesting. Keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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