Dewana dil Part 25


Sam comes tensed in the hotel room. Sanju comes and hugs him from behind.

Sanju: wat is it love? U look tensed

Sam: ( in tensed voice, kisses her hand and brings her forward holding her right hand) it matter to worry

Sanju: wat’s the matter?

Sam: I have to go to Switzerland.

Sanju: its ok. U don’t have to worry about me. U can go. ( cupping Sam’s face in her hands)

Sam: so u won’t come with me to our honeymoon?( still in tensed voice)

Sanju: its OK.. ( after a moment of realization her tone changes to excitement from tension) HONEYMOON!!!

Sanju hugs him and says thanks.

Sam: its a gift from Tanaya.
Sanju: I love it.

Sam: just sleep for a while today is reception. Then u have to get ready.

At reception venue. With purple and white decoration and stage purple orchid is looking gorgeous.

Sam in black tuks and sanju is in purple ball gown dress. She has a simple bun. With some mild make up that compliments her look by keeping her natural look as it is. She is wearing an antique sapphire necklase that Sam gifted her for today. And wearing beautiful long diamond earrings and bracelet.

As they enter the venue, all VVIP&VIP guest admire the beautiful couple.

At the same night, the couple travel to Switzerland for their honeymoon in Sam’s private jet.

The villa is in summit of mountain. And due to winters the temperature is very low and its snowing. Sanju explores the villa, which has mapple wood flooring, a centrally heated swimming pool, with a jacuzzi.

Sam and sanju enjoy their jacuzzi bath and go for some sight seeing. Some one is seen following them.

Sam takes sanju for skiing. Sanju is not aware about it much. She is a beginner. Sam knows it well and is teaching her.

They return to their villa, to their living room being out of fire wood Sam how’s to get fire wood from the store house outside.

Sanju hears some noise and goes outside to check. But sees a dead bird at door. She puts the dead bird aside and turns towards the house to find a man standing their in black clothes.

Sanju: who r u??

Man: I guess or husband doesn’t tell u everything!!.

Sam: ( comes holding fire wood he drops it as he sees the man) wat r u doing here?

Man: thank god u recognise me. ( he claws on the near by tree.

Sam: sanju run..( screams)

Sam attacks the man but he is not match to Sam. Sam decapitates him.

Sanju is crying in bedroom. Sam 1st decides to console her but then sees his hand all blo*dy and decides to wash up before going infront of sanju.

Sam comes after cleaning and holds her she hugs him and is crying.

Sanju: who was he?? Why did u kill him?? Wat did he wanted from us??

Sam: he was care taker of curse. A kanim. He and his family were given responsibility to torment u in or afterlife. I came to know about it and had bride them to torment u more but my soul turned dark as u were not at guilt. Kanim r also turning dark due to ur purity and sacrifice.

This was Soto, I killed his father who had grown out of control. I sensed he was also out of control.

Sanju: can’t they b saved??

Sam: I know u didnt like it. But they don’t deserve ur sympathy. They would kill and torture every person. Now their sense to punish only cursed has been lost. They are delusional. And seeing u they might have triggered many emotions.

Sam hugs sanju and says every thing is gonnab alright. I m their to protect u.

At hhospital Sam ask everyone in tensed manner for where a bouts of sanju. Sanju is working at the hospital. They both confront. But some thing is different between them

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