Dewana dil Part 24


evryone is working at lightening speed. hair stylist, make up artist, and designers. sanju is a bit tensed. varun, ross and Kahn r their with her.
sanju: (a bit tensed) i dont wanna marry

varun:(spits out the water he was drinking) wat?? u cant do so.. its wedding day today, u cant change ur thoughts today..
Kahn: tell me dr.. is anything troubling u??

ross:(getting excited) i told u so, good but, i will this news to sam. dont worry , i m happy to help in this matter.

Sanju:its not like that Ross, sam never proposed me, he never asked me to marry him..(sanju makes angry face and sits folding her hands like an angry kid)

In sam’s room
varun:yes, its true, she wants u to propose her or she will not marry u…
dude, u will face hell on ur wedding day itself if u dont propose her, think something..

sam is doing rituals. pundit ask sanju’s mom to call the bride, she goes to Sanju’s room but doesn’t find her their. she informs Ross, both of them search but in vain.
people are talking bad things about Sanju at the wedding. the worst is by pooja her cousin. sam can hear her thoughts. sam is quiet angry. everyone thinks that he is angry on Sanju but actually he is angry on people thinking bad about sanju.

Kahn:(comes running a bit tensed, whisper into Sam’s ears) i think Sanju is i trouble.

sam looks at him in shock. and follows him to the side. kahn shows some footage showing sanju being kidnapped.

Sam: i would give a reward for the one who brings her back to me.
varun: reward is not needed she i my friend too..

varun, Ross, Tanaya, Ralph and Kahn leave to find Sanju. Sam watches the footage again and call the hotel staff. He comes to know that they never eft the hotel. Sam uses his sharp hearing sense to find extremely elevated bp. and pulses. He goes to terrace to find some men who have sanju. One of them comes forward to hit sam with iron rod but sam holds him and hits him instead. other gets afraid and leave from their. Sam hugs sanju.

he brings her down, but people r talking nonsense about Sanju, due to her dress being improper people think that Sanju had been molested. Sam hears this all. Sanju is quiet afraid as well. Sam suddenly bends down on his knees in front of all people.

sam: Sanju, i have been alone most of my life, my life never had any meaning till u weren’t in it, for those yrs that i lived without u, i now feel that i was never alive during that time, nut i started to live when u came into my life, u made my life colourful, u brought the joy and colors that i rejoiced very much. and now i cant even imagine a moment without u. with u i’m a much better person, without u i’m worse. So, Sanjana gujral will u stay forever in my life and make it colorful always, and help me in being a better person, forever, and will u give me the honour of marrying u, and keeping u happy forever??

suddenly a pin drop silence at the wedding, sanju is in tears and so is other, even the stoned heart like tanaya, is also in tears,

sanju:(in tears ) yes (nods a yes)

The scene shifts to mandap. Sanju’s make up has been redone. Sam is looking at her continuously, varun who is sitting besides him tells, to have some attention in rituals too. or the marriage wouldb null& void, everyone laughs at his comments, sam also smile shyingly, sanju is having a continuous shying smile on her face.

pooja thinks that this not right, she is more deserving than Sanju and all this should b for her, and not for SAnju.

Sanju’s mom make other rituals, done. but they decide to do rest ritual on next day, as sanju might b tired(due to the kidnapping incident)

In sam’s room sanju is getting her jewellery off, sam comes, looks at her, and goes for shower. as he comes back he helps sanju in undoing sanju’s her.

sam: u dont have to worry, just have sleep, i know u r more tired than any one( he kisses her head) 1st night can wait.. i dont want to hurry. take ur time. our 1st night would b when u would want.

he is about to leave her, when she holds his hand,

sanju: but i never said no today,

sam: (looks at her shockingly) are u sure??

sanju: i think i m pretty sure

sam & sanju get close.

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  1. Nice yaar

  2. Nice episode and Sam proposing sanju was very cute

  3. Awwww sam u r damn cute yaar

  4. Hey can u all assign actors to the character,, I have have one or two in mind but can’t get perfect actors for my lead. Any suggestion for who can play these character??

  5. For Tanaya I think guman of saraswaticahndra suites best.

  6. And also character should not look immature because none of the character are teen agers. Except vatsal and ayesha( sanju’s real brother and younger cousin) even Pooja is a few month elder to her.

  7. Awesome episode rekha, finally they are married now…lovely story. ..keep it up buddyyy, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads,

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