Dewana dil Part 23


Sanju laughs at Ross for telling her a witch.

Sanju: u r kidding right?? How can I b a witch and not know it. I’m 26 yrs old and never felt anything special.

Ross: than explain to me how did u exploded the elders brain like a bomb!!!

Sanju:( thinking for a minute) I know but it might have a logically explanation. May b it was Sam! He was also in emotional turmoil. May b he did it. He has control over every vampire he created.

Sam: no dr. It can’t b me. To do such a thing I would feel as well. And I was too weak at that point to burst someone’s brain out. It can’t b me.

Everyone looks at sanju.

Sanju: wat r u looking at me?? I said I m no witch.

Ross: OK u r not. Let’s just concentrate on wedding, shall we? After all its my sister’s wedding and I want everyone to remember it.( he holds sanju’s arm, sanju laugh at his way)

Sam and other still looks suspiciously at sanju, as she walks with Ross out of the room.

Next morning
Its morning 3 o’clock.
Sanju’s mom comes to wake her up. Ross meets her at stairs and says he will wake her up. And she could continue with her work

Sanju’s mom thanks for his help in wedding and blesses him and goes. Ross enters sanju’s room.

He tries to wake her up, but sanju is in so deep sleep that she just keeps on burrowing back in her blanket. Ross lifts her from her bed to floor. But she again does the same.

Ross: so u won’t get up?? Come on its haldi time. U r getting married today. Get up u lazy girl.

Sanju: can’t it wait for tomorrow. Pls. I m tried and I m feeling very sleepy.
( in sleepy voice)
Ross: OK that enough u can sleep for as many hours as u want, I will tell that to Sam to cancel wedding today. ( a bit seriously)
( Ross acts to take his phone out but sanju doesn’t move still)
Sanju: thanks Ross( a bit laughing)

Ross: OK u can sleep if u could.. ( notoriously)

He drops a jug of water in blanket.

Sanju gets up all wet.
Sanju: how dare u?? How could u do this? The water was so cold. I won’t leave u. ( angrily)

She runs after Ross to beat him.

Its haldi function. Sanju is dressed in yellow and orange choli. With flowery ornaments. Sam is in white sherwani.

Sanju’s mother make them sit together.
Tanaya apply haldi to sam’s face. Everyone does that.
Its now sanju’s turn.

Sam: o my god!! Wat’s in haldi itching!!

Sanju:(tensed and looks at the bowl and takes a pinch of it) I think its fine Sam.

Sam suddenly grabs a lot of haldi and apply to her face. Sanju is shocked and angry at Sam’s naughtiness. She tries to get up to wash but her mother doesn’t allow her, as it would get late.

Sanju is very angry, she is making faces at Sam. Everyone is laughing and completes the ritual.

Sanju goes to wash up.
Sam: hey don’t wash up u look too cute like this
Sanju: shut up!! I won’t leave u.
( she tries to walk, to hit Sam but slips and Sam holds her )
Sam: I m sorry. But I also wanted to show that I m not boring.

Sanju: for that u spoiled my every photo of our haldi function. ( angrily) I was looking like a cartoon.

Sam: I said I m sorry pls. My love, forgive me.

Sanju: wat u did today u will get a reply!! ( karara jawab milega) ( in attitude she says and goes away).

Sam also washes up. And cleans his face with towel to find his face coloured red. He remembers sanju’s warning.

He tries to wipe off but the colour doesnt go.

Everyone asking for Sam. He comes hiding his face in dupatta of sherwani. Sanju’s mom think wat might have happen to him. And ask him to show his face. When he removes the dupatta everyone starts laughing.

Sam is standing with a cute , pitiful face that he had made. His face all red.

Mom: ohhh!! How did this happen?? Who did this to u??

Sam: ( in a complaining manner) who else can think his naughty? Its sanju.

Everyone laughs at Sam cutely accusing sanju in front of her mom.

Sam: today is wedding and this colour is not coming off. Wat will I do?? I will look like a monkey in wedding photos
( acts like faking a cry)

Sanju: (funnily) aaaaawwww… Its OK we would marry again. I would use this marriage album, u can use the other one.
After all very few girls get this privilege. ( and laughs)

Mom: u r still so naughty. U spoiled my boys face. Wait I will beat u( her mother acts to beat her but sanju hides behind Tanaya)

Mom pampers Sam and helps him remove the face stains.
Sanju: vatsal I think we both lost to mom’s Jamai. Look at wat pampering he is getting from mom.
Sam makes face. To which mom says its okay.
Mom: don’t say anything about my boy, he is 1 in million.
Sanju: ohh hello!! I found that 1 in a million.I could use some credit as well. ( acting a bit jealous of her mom’s pampering)

Sam: do u smell something burning mom?? (Acts to sniff)ohh its sanju burning

Everyone laughs. Sanju makes angry face.

Mom: ohh my girl u both r 1 in millions.

Mom hugs Sam and sanju.

Beautiful mandap of cream, golden and white is shown.
Sam and sanju are shown sitting besides each other.
With Sam looking at sanju’s beauty continuously. Varun passes comment on sam
Varun: take care of rituals as well or the marriage will b null and void.
Everyone laughs

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  1. Awwww sanju so cute yaar sam itna shararat karna i cant believe this

  2. Superb yaar

  3. Nice episode but really sanju is a witch and she don’t know about that interesting.

    1. Yup. She was not even aware of t
      Her power, because she never used it.

  4. Awesome episode rekha, lovely cute sam n sanju moments…Sam’s red face n his puppy talks blaming sanju n her teasing was hilarious. ..keep it up buddyyy. Eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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