Dewana dil Part 22


Sanju’s mom does the ritual. Sam and varun r talking and laughing. Sam is turning to look at sanju every 10 second. Varun notices that and smiles on them.

Pooja, sanju’s sister ask Sam to tell them who proposed and how??

Sam: should I tell everyone sanju, mohabat a apse??

Sanju shys and goes away. Sam starts to sing

Ab duniya se shikva nahi he,
Na raha ab zindagi se gilla

Sanju stops listening Sam sing

Kiska karm he kis ki dua he
Ya naseebo se tu mujko mila.

Suddenly Sam comes close to sanju from behind.

Ab Jo mile ho dur na jana
Tere bina dil lagta nahi,
Mera jeena he kya marna he kya
Jab saath tera nahi
Pake rab kya karu jab tu hi mera nahi.

Sanju hides behind curtains and tries to search for Sam but doesn’t find him in the crowd. She goes out to find him. When he hugs her from back. She hides her face with her beautiful Mehndi done handa

Kya chup gaya he ankhiyo ko niche
Sharmo haya ke pardo ke piche

Sam moves her hand from her face. To find sanju shying and with closed eyes. She just runs then looking down.
Sam looks behind her

Aapne sanam se parda he kisa
Jab ke khuda se parda nai.

Pooja and ayesha compliments sanju for Sam’s love for him.

Sanju is sitting in her room removing her jewellery and remembering her time with Sam.
Sam comes and holds her shoulder.

He says he sang today for her in front of so many people but she didn’t

She says she has a gift for him. She takes guitar and sings
Kasam ki kasam ( me prem ki dewani hu) for Sam.

They hug eachother.

Next day.
Ross and Kahn with their minions are their at airport with Sam and sanju receiving them.

Sam and Ross are discussing about the recent death of elder by sanju.

Ross explains that Nef and Ross were the white witches who restore natures balance.

His sister being killed and him being made a slave of God. Could give next progeny to white witches. So sanju might b a fail safe to continue the balance between nature.

If I m right that means she is one of the most powerful witches.

Sam , sanju and Kahn listen to Ross tensed.

Sanju and sam’s haldi function. With Sam challenging sanju that he would apply first haldi to her. Sanju says we will see

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  1. Hey i have been following ur story since a few epis.i find the plot interesting but too short and lacks details.cant really enjoy the true essence.pls write in detail.tgis ia jat my suggestion

  2. Superb yaar

  3. So nice dr i just loved it

  4. Nice

  5. Very nice episode, loved Sam singing for sanju n even more lovely when sanju sang for him, kasam song is one of my favorite…loved it soooooooo muchhhhhh. ..keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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