Dewana dil Part 21


Sanju keeps her hand on Sam’s shoulder, but finds Sam with bright red eyes.

Sam: Nef u went to Tuf for money, and now I have more money so u came back to me, u were so wretched!!

Sanjuis shocked at Sam talking to her like that.

Sam: for the pain u caused me I would kill u, so that u can’t go back to Tuf or anyone else( he grabs her neck) u won’t betray anyone now.

Sam bites her. Sanju screams, she ask to not hurt her. But falls unconscious within seconds. Her heart slows down as well.

Sam removes his teeth from her wound. And gets shocked as to wat he has done!
He feeds his blood to her, but the counsel member comes their and see Sam’s mouth fullof bblood and sanju’s neck has wound.

Tanaya and Ralph rushes to separate sanju from Sam. George, an elder tries to stab Sam( who don’t want to b separated from sanju). Sam attacks George and kills him on spot. Everyone is afraid. But 11 elders are very powerful than an angry alpha vampire. They in turn stab Sam multiple times, for Tanaya standing their and crying for mercy.

Sanju awakens in hotel room. Tanaya is beside her. She offers her water.

Sanju: where is Sam? He attacked me( a bit scared)
Tanaya: I knew he was hiding something. He was not well after he healed u that day. I felt that he was a bit dark. But didn’t wanted to believe it. But today…

Sanju: where is he now?

Tanaya: elders have chained him. And soon are going to make him sleep for may b millennium or so. Its good that they can’t kill him as everyone of us will die as well.

Sanju:( getting up from bed, having a difficulty at first) but they can’t do that to him.he is just not healthy. If a person is not healthy u take care of him and not torture him.

Sanju and tanaya rushes to godown where Sam is chained. Elders allow sanju to speak to Sam for last time.

Sam moves towards walls away from sanju as soon as he sees her.

Sam: don’t come close
Sanju: don’t worry dear u won’t hurt me.

Sam: stay away from me, pls, I m not myself. I might harm u.

Sanju:its okay baby. U won’t hurt me( comes close to Sam and hugs him)

Both share their moment of pain in tears in eachothers embrace.
Marcellus, a cruel elder, who wants all power for himself enters and orders to put Sam to sleep.

For sanju retaliate but they start the drip.

Sanju gets angry and makes Marcellus brain explode like a melon. And make other elder wither in pain.

Sam ask her to leave others and just calm down she hugs Sam and collapses.

Sam holding her in his arms , says don’t worry I got u. No one will separate us. Its OK. We r gonna b together.

Its shopping day.
Due to recent events, engagement has been canceled now they r gonna b married directly within a week. So sanju’s mom and brother r busy doing shopping.

A salesman misbehaves with her mom, who is a bit choosy, sanju hears the comments andcomes to owner.

A few minutes llater, owner and sanju comes to the staff. With that owner announces that the lady bought entire shop and now they all r her employees.
The sales man is ashamed for his behaviour. Sam watches this all silently and is smiling. When the family leaves Sam compliments sanju for her attitude. She really behaved like his queen. They both share a romantic eye lock and laugh.


Its Mehndi function, sanju is dressed in green choli and Sam in dark green sherwani.

Sam sings ‘ mera jina he kya marna he kya'( ashayien tracks) . both romancing with each other. All vampire having watch on Sam.

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