Dewana dil Part 20


Sanju and varun r shown driving varun’s r8 Audi. Varun ask her to calm down, vikram can’t hurt her with him being alive.
Sanju says its not vikram she is worried of but Sam, he has been hiding things. Varun ask her to trust him, he knows Sam.

At gill’s Tanaya is trying to calm Sam, sanju and varun comes their running. Sanju tries to go near Sam but he pushes her away. But his force for his minions would have been enough , but for an average size girl that much force can hurt pretty seriously.

Sanju falls unconscious immediately. Seeing this, Sam comes back to his self but runs away from the room by jumping off the balcony.

Sanju awakes in Sam’s room. Tanaya says she healed her, though she don’t like her much, but had to do it for her brother. She also informs sanju that she suspects tthat Sam has not been the same since he healed u.

At hospital a few days later.
A call comes on sanju, its moms she informs her to come back as soon as possible her dad is not fine.

Sanju being tensed, leaves a letter for Sam and leaves for India immediately.

She comes running to her house
Sanju: how is dad? Where is he?

Mom: wow!! U came that was really quick of u( laughing)

Dad: there’s my princess.
Sanju seeing her dad fine runs to hug him.

It was mom and dad’s plan to bring sanju back. They have decided to fix her marriage to a perfect guy that they have found.

Sanju:( shyingly) I think I m not gonna able to marry that guy , I like someone, and..

Mom:( interrupting before sanju finishes her sentence) is he american?? Is he black?? Wat does he do?? Is he a doctor?? Is he Indian?? What does his parents do??( mom shoots questions like bullet surprising sanju)

Sanju: his name is samrat gill, he is ur trustee, and a doctor as well,

Mom: how old is he?? If he is a trustee.

Sanju: just calm down he would b coming here in a day or so.

Sam comes driving in Volvo with 2 Audi following him.

Everyone in the society is watching Sam’s cars. He gets down and enters and touches sanju’s mom’s feet.

After a weird meeting, Sam goes to washroom, sanju goes behind him to show him way, when he is inside she hears him coughing. And when he is out she sees blood at angle of his mouth.

The meeting is over. With Sam impressing his in-laws completely, leaves for his resort, to plan for their wedding which is in 15days with their engagement being tomorrow.

Sanju follows them to resort and comes inside Sam’s room
Sanju: wat r u hiding??
Sanju: I can see that u r ill. U had blood at ur mouth, u were coughing.
Sam:( coming close and holding her) hey!! I will b fine don’t worry , its just a little thing.

But u don’t need to worry for me, for today u meet my counsil member. If u r going to b my wife then u would b their queen as well and its imperative that they know u as well.

Sophy and Roy( a gorgeous, fashionable lady enters with a gay looking men), u have to assist her for her dress and make up today.

Sophy& Roy: sure master

Sam kisses sanju on forehead and leaves from their.

Its party, everyone is in black tie( dress code). Sanju is wearing a black designer dress with Sam in black suit. As soon as sanju and Sam enters, everyone gives a bow ( slightly bend down) and they too show their gratitude. Sam is introducing sanju to everyone. Some of the elders don’t like for their master being in love with some human.

Sam suddenly storms off the party. Hiding from everyone. But sanju sees him and goes behind him.

A flash back of washroom scene at sanju’s house is shown.
Sam: ( to his reflection) for wat u did to me Nef u will pay in blood. I will make u have blood tears, its time for u to cry. ( and smiles cunningly)


Sam attacks sanju in lobby, draining her dry.

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  1. Awesome yaar .sam attack sanju ???

    1. Yup. He is having a confusion. He has hallucinations. And thinks memory gaps.

  2. After this incident, Sam will b placed in a difficult situation, with everyone against him.

  3. Plzzzz dont do it yaar sam ko aise mat kar ne de na yaar

    1. Sam won’t turn negative, dr , but soon he would need sanju more than he ever had

  4. Keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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