Dewana dil Part 19


A beautiful house is seen decorated. With vikram and Sutton at stage. As soon as sanju and Sam arrives. Every one looks at them.
Every men is envious to sam. While every women in room is envious to sanju.

Varun comes from the crowd. And hugs Sam and sanju. And compliments them. Due to his naughty comments sanju smiles hiding her face behind Sam. Sam smiles as well.

Seeing this vikram is getting angry. When they go congratulate couple. On seeing vikram sanju is nervous.
Vikram hugs her. And whisper in her ears.
Vikram: I knew u were characterless. Some times varun some times samrat.

Sanju gets worried. Sam holds her waist.

Sam: should we have food now?? Darling!!!.
Vikram looks at the Sam’s hand at sanju’s waist.

As soon as they get down stage, varun comes their. Sam’s face looses its cool as he comes down. Varun notices this and ask what’s matter.

Sam: that weird piece of shit!! He is saying non sense to sanju.

Sanju: just leave it. Its cowarded place.

But sam’s eyes turn red.

Varun: control urself.

Sam: (in anger has a bit face changed as well) look after her( he leaves suddenly).

Vikram comes looking Sam leave.

Vikram to sanju: are the rich boys sharing u?? Sometimes that samrat and than he gives u to this varun.

Varun:( holds vikram collar) how dare u??

Vikram: how r u?? Has the wound healed??( hr smiles cunningly)

Varun ask sanju to leave with him. They leave.

Vikram is shown singing ” jale Mann tera bhi kisi ke milan ko, sanjana tu bhi trade”

At gills mansion Sam is very angry and converted half. Sanju comes near but he pushed her back. And than runs from balcony to the woods.

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  1. Nice but y did sam left vikram without saying anything.

  2. Nice yaar pls make it long update

  3. Thats nice yaar

  4. And its tarse and not trade

  5. Nice episode, keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode

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