Dewana dil Part 18


Sanju hides in the bushes. She gets releaved that out ran vikram. And she stands up. To find vikram standing in front of her. He stabs the knife.

Sanju closes her eyes. But as she opens she is shocked no dagger has pierced her. Instead varun is standing in front of her and the dagger is through him.

He holds vikram hands and pulls the dagger out he heals but not as fast as Sam. With his one swept of arm vikram falls unconscious.

He then carries her to an abandoned house.

Sanju: how r u?

Varun: I m not the one with twisted ankle.

And says at the count of three. He counts 1 and untwist the ankle.

Sanju: screaming) u didn’t even count 2.

Varun: I knew that but know that u know about the fact waiting for pain is much worse than the pain itself. So knew u were expecting it at 2. ( smiles)

Sanju: how r u? ( with concern)

Varun: my life suddenly turned upside down. I attacked my best friend.

Sanju: just forget that I’m alright. Just look at me( showing her neck)

Varun: no I m too dangerous for the civilized society.

Sanju: hey we can help u, look with me Kahn won’t even touch u. He thinks he has some wolf bond aka loyalty to me.

Just let me help u pls. ( she hugs him)

Varun breaks down in tears.

A week later party at Sutton’s its Sutton’s engagement party. For the first time, Sam has decided to take sanju as his date. And discloses relationship with sanju to world.

Sanju dressed in s*xy cream saree. With her navel visible and making her look s*xy. She gets down the hostel with new Volvo standing at gate and Sam waiting for her.

Everyone is waiting to look how is Sam’s date. And spying from lobby.

Sam kisses sanju on forehead. Sanju says they are spying on us. R u sure??

Sam :don’t worry whatever they think never mattered to me.
Saying this opens door for her.
Sam could hear mind of many girls of which one is ohhh my god!! He opened door for her. Ohh god lucky sanju…

Sam and sanju enters the hall. And attention shifts from Sutton and vikram( the couple for whom the party was to sanju and Sam)
Varun comes to them and compliments them.
Sanju shyingly smiles and bends a bite to hide her face behind Sam. But Sam is holding he waist and smiling. Varun smiles too.

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  2. Superb yaar

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  4. Ur story is different and interesting.

  5. Awesome episode, keep it up buddyyy, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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