Dewana dil Part 17

Its a huge room with a bed a couch and huge painting of sanju. The walls are cream and furniture super white in colour. Sanju is on bedunconscious.
Sam is sitting near her head on bed and pampering her head. He has concern for sanju.
Ross and Kahn comes they are in hurry and tensed.

Sam ask them to keep quiet and takes them to the balcony of room.

Sam: wat’s happening to her ?? She is not waking up from last night. She is not responding to my blood and not even healing.

Ross: because she had been beaten by a majdai and given ur blood. They are cross reacting in her body. And she has developed tolerance to or blood’s effect.. So ur blood is not healing her.

Sam: than can we save her. I m pretty sure we 3 are most powerful of our kind, than how couldn’t we not save her.

Kahn: I m getting that beast that bit her immediately decapitated.

Ross: later Kahn, we need to make her right 1st.

Suddenly Ross remembers something.
Ross: u can do it, of course. U could take her wounds on ur self. U would heal instantly and she would b fine.

Sanju: do u think this would work?

Tanaya: ( comes sneaking behind) no ways, u are not doing this Sam, we used to strong once but now doing so u could loose urself. We could find some other way to help her. Or let some else do it.

Sam: its werewolf serum in her blood. No one would stay alive. And only the one who can at least survive it is me. And I got to do it for her. Pls.

Ross: and we would do anything to keep u holding to urself. Rit now we need to decide fast. Or we may loose her.

Sam: its final. I have decided

I will heal sanju.
Sam holds her head in his lap. And starts healing her. The wound on sanju’s neck disappears. And appears on Sam’s neck. Sam falls unconscious.

Ross checks sanju and says to Kahn that sanju is fine now. Ralph takes Sam away.

Its night Sam wakes up his wound has healed completely and rushes to see his room. He finds sanju standing at her own painting.

He hugs her from back.
Sam: wat r u seeing? Its ur painting nothing new.
Sanju: just seeing how beautifully u see me.
The painting is more beautiful than me.
Sam: u r just being modest.
Sanju: no u r. Wat was the need of doing these? Tanaya told me everything it might have had effect on u.
Sam: ( holding her chin) look at me dear, I m alright, no harm done.

Its night at hospital ( a few days later). Sanju is given reports to deliver to health department. Its important. And as its new year no one is their. So sanju has to do the work by herself. .

Sam is having memory swings from his past since that day. So he hasn’t joined hospital instead went to California for some ‘ business'( his empire related)

She goes to health department and finds some one following her. ( due to her insistence now none of the minions nor Kahn’s or Sam’s now follow her, shocked at who it can b?)

She goes to parking to take her car. When some one kidnaps her. She wakes up at an abandoned warehouse. With vikram looking at her, sanju gets shocked.

Vikram: u thought u could out run me? Dr, we belong with each other. And u wont stay away from me. Now u will always b with me. He takes out dagger. Sanju starts screaming for help. She tries to pull ropes but in vain.

Vikram comes near to sanju with dagger and scratches her face. He is just trying to torture when Sutton calls him he does lovely dovely talk with her.

When he turns he sees sanju missing.


He tries to find her. Sanju falls down a rock and get hurt. She hides but vikram finds her and stabs the dagger. A shocked expression on sanju’s face

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