Dewana dil Part 16


Sam sees varun and sanju talking in canteen and sanju holds his hand. Sam goes from their.
Sanju is going from lobby when Sam pulls her to the store room.
Sam: pls come to roof top at 9. Where something good.
Sanju:( shyingly smile)okey

Its time. Sanju has worn purple maxi. With long diamond earrings comes to roof top after sneaking from everyones eye. Sam is wearing formal. White silk shirt he looks irresistible.
Their is a bed with lights . making sky even more starry.

Seeing her Sam goes to kiss her cheeks.
Sanju: what’s the occasion? Flowers, chocolates , candle light dinner ?? I think my bfis in romantic mood.

Sam: I think we have through lot. So decided that we should spent some time together.

Sam compliments about her earrings.
Sanju: I had even a more prettier pair. But lost it on my first day in US.
It was like small leaves.

Sam: ( thinking takes out the earring from their1st dance) was tthis the pair?

Sanju: ( overwhelmed) yes it is. Thanks but were did u find it.

Sam: u remembered the dance but not person u danced with!

Sanju hugs Sam.
Sanju: I knew we have some spark. We can’t stay away from each other.

Sam thinks may this b true.
Sanju gets call from varun she leaves hastily.

At home varun got violent due to a car fight with some one. And has changed partially. Sanju comes to calm him. He calms down. When Sam enters the room, while sanju his hugging varun to calm him.

Sam: wats all this??
Sanju: its not wat u think. Pls listen to me.
Sam tries to push sanju, but due to his anger and strength she falls down.

Seeing sanju in pain varun changes and goes to attack Sam( varun has pledged his loyalty to sanju, as he is majdai. And as sam tried to hurt her unknowingly , varun triggered to protect her)

Sanju sees varun changing and cast herself between boys.

Wolf form of varun with his teeth drenched in blood are seen. Sam and sanju’s legs are shown. As the focus shift to them sanju has a bleeding carotid and its like a fountain from her neck. Sam tries to press it and feeds her his blood. But she knocks out.

Varun runs off in his wolf form.

Sanju in her room on next early morning wakes up to find sam. He is pampering her. His white shirt is completely stained red by blood leaving a few white spot.

Sam: varun is a werewolf , I didn’t even knew about it? And u didnt tell me either!

Sanju: ( trying to get up but is stopped by Sam) it wasn’t my secret to tell. Varun was pretty disturbed. And was also afraid of Kahn. We can’t let Kahn claim varun.

She tells how varun changed.

Sam hugs her. I promise nothing will ever happen to varun. I will take care of this. U just relax.

Sam calls Ralph to find varun and not to hurt him.
Sanju goes to washroom but falls on floor. Sam rushes in and finds that varun bite mark are back and her body has fever.

Sam, Kahn and Ross are examining unconscious sanju. Kahn ask how can a werewolf bite her. I would order everyone to find the one who bite her.

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  1. Its really superb yaar.

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  3. Its lyk twilyt. . . I luv twilit. . . Its pair . . .i imagin dem as bella n robert 🙂

  4. Oh amazing story. Super natural people n our sanju is there all alone. But she is awesome.

  5. Awesome episode, keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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