Dewana dil Part 15


Sam is broken and in tears on floor. For what had been done a few thousand yrs ago can’t b changed now. The thought of he could have a child and nef is making even breathing difficultffor him. Sanju tries to console him.

But he goes out. Sanju and Kahn follows him

Kahn: see I told u wat he did was unforgivable.

Sanju: ( angrily) enough!! Wat ever he did was in past. I don’t care. I just care that the person I love more than my life is in worst pain of his life. And if u have done wat u wanted I want to go home.
She takes Sam with her.

Sam and sanju back to hospital. Sam is a offbeat. He doesn’t respond to any one. And stays silent.

Varun sees Kahn phone on sanju’s phone. He leaves from their.

Sanju tells him she knows that he is a majdai.
Varun: u can’t tell Kahn. My dad hide me from him. He said that he adopted me from a couple. But came to know about my werewolf form when my birth father told him. Since than he is protecting me from Kahn to claim me.

Sanju:how could he do that to u??

Varun: that’s not the worst part. On this full moon I would convert to full wolf. With unbearable pain due to sudden bone growth and then shortening of bone. I m really worried.

Sanju: ( holds his hand to assure him) nothing will happen to u. I m totally with u.

Varun tries to kiss her. But she stops him saying she is seeing some guy.

Varun: are u still fixated on Sam?

Sanju: no I m committed now.

Varun: so when will Mr. India come to met us??

Sanju: soon

Its full moon

Sanju prepared everything from journals to help varun. Varun took her promise to not to tell anyone. Even Sam is unaware of varun’s werewolf status.

Sam is at sanju’s room to find out that sanju lied about slumber party.

He is confused about sanju’s behaviour.

Sutton’s engagement card.

Sutton’s engages to vikram.

On seeing vikram’s name, sanju’s face looses colour. She thinks it can’t b same vikram of course and pacifies her self.

Sam grabs her while she is walking in lobby. She gets scared. So Sam apologize to her. So tells him about her fear. Sam hugs her and calm her down.

Sam: u know that I m their to protect u from everyone. And no one I promise no one will harm u till I have a breath left.

Sam kisses her forehead

Sam and varun fights. Varun loosing control changes, but sanju cast her self to save Sam and gets hurt. Varun gets senses he has hurt sanju. And runs away. Sam realise what sanju was hiding from him till now.

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  1. rrekha it is awesome. ..plz update the next part soon

  2. It look like sam was stephon varun daemon sanju elena charecter sam sanju super

    1. Oh!! Varun and sanju are Caroline and Tyler just that they never get romantically involved with eachother

  3. Amazing yaar

  4. Awesome episodes. Keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads


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