Dewana dil Part 14


The river is flowing and birds are chirping. Andthe lush green coniferous forest is shown.
Sam is sitting on rock with sanju close to him. He is playing with her hair.

At hospital.
Sanju is working with varun. Kahn comes, varun on seeing him. From far leaves. Kahn comes to sanju.

Kahn: I told u sweet, to stay away fr. .

Sanju: ( interrupting) I know wat he is. Wat happened. So don’t try to create misunderstanding.

Kahn: neither he nor u know a thing( angrily) his eye turns green.

Sanju remembers he saw such wide cornea of green colour in checking varun when he got shot.

Kahn, Sam and sanju are traveling to valley of queens.
Kahn brings them to a pyramid and says.

This is yeti’s tomb. Neferti’s mom. When she was caged in palace by her step father and step brother. She had just one person to go to and only she can tell us.

In the pyramid is water which Kahn ask them to drink. As they drink it. They could see people cleaning the tomb. But they are all plagued. He takes them to the palace. Where Diane on seeing sanju hugs her gives her hand made crown of flowers.

She also gets angry on seeing Sam.

She tells nef had prophets power. She was happy with her married life. When she got vision that tuf will take sam’s intestine out with his sword.

Her prophecy never went wrong. So she decided to kill tuf before he could harm Sam. And came to palace leaving sam and his sister.

She knew as soon as she kills tuf, the nobles and majdai will kill her for killing their king. But she was ready for it.

Wat she was not ready was that she got pregnant with sam’s child. She would have killed tuf. But then thought to save the child some how and decided to delay her plan to kill and instead get engaged.

On seeing Sam at engagement she panicked and thought to save Sam she must kill tuf now.
But tuf already knew of her intentions grabbed the knife. And Sam stabbed knife in nef’s back.
Tuf had invited Sam. To watch how back stabbing b*t*h Nef was.

She falls unconscious. When she gains consciousness she sees Tuf getting Sam’s intestine on his sword. She tries to move towards Sam and sees him breathing his last breath. Takes out her ring and makes him wear it. And whispers to come to save her as fast as he can. And takes the sword from majdai and slits tuf’s throat and falls unconscious.

She gets up to find that all nobles conspired against her. And gave her punishment. A curse of seven day. Where she would b humilated by her people and on last day her eyes and tongue were pecked out and she was dropped in boiling liquid.

Her last words were curses
1. Those people for whom i had accepted prison of palace . u would also b trapped in prison palace. U won’t grow nor die but stay at the same point like my life was made for 15 yrs

2. Those majdai who had sworen to protect descendants of Ra. Listen to me u failed me. And so u would b bound to being loyal.u were like the wolves who ramp innocent. So u would b trapped as wolves for the full moon And would have the pain that I endured for this seven days.

As her brother Ross came to know about his sisters death he came to give peace to his sister soul. By building a golden pyramid at the center of his kingdom. But people didn’t agree to give him her body. He waged a war. And won her body. And finally gave proper final rites to her.

But her curses showed its effect after her body went. Majdai turned in wolves and we never moved a day ahead.


Sam brokes down. Saying that he killed his own child due to doubt on Nef. And says that he doesn’t deserves to live

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