Dewana dil Part 13


Sanju is working in hospital, she sees Sam their. Puts a hand his shoulder. But Sam turns to show his animal side.
Sanju gets scared and wake up in hospital bed.
A day later she is discharged from hospital buton her work day she doesnt find Sam. She thinks that she shouldn’t have acted the way she did. He always helped her. And when he showed his problem I ran away.

She decides to meet him. After work at his home. She buys French roses and goes to gill’s mansion. And ask about sam, Tanya comes she is angry.

Tanaya: how dare u to show or face again here?
My brother is in so much pain because of u. And u expect what more from him??

Sanju: I just want to talk him.

Tanaya: before u would have reached him. He would have slept for a lifetime. So now u can’t talk to him

Sanju being disappointed drops the flowers. As she is coming out Ralph comes

Ralph: thank god u r here, u only can him. Only if that’s what u want?

Sanju: do u know where he is? Pls take me there.

Ralph without wasting a moment ask her to get in car. Tanaya sees this and prays may herbrother get what he deserves.

RRalph and sanju arrive to place. She sees something being infused in Sam. Due which he has become weak and is withering in pain.
Sanju: wat’s all this? Wat happened to u?
Sam: I think an ‘animal’ like me deserves this sort of treatment.
Sanju: ( remembers how she called him animal) I m so sorry. U r not animal. U r my Sam. Just stop all this I can’t see u like this, pls I beg u.

Sam: ( getting angry transforms to his animal side but instead of golden eyes have blood red eyes ) I look like this. And not the pretty face u love. I am not a saviour I have ravaged towns and city.

Sanju: I don’t know why u did that but I really want to know u better. And for that u have to stay with me. ( saying so she pulls the needles out from Sam’s arm and keeps a hand on his shoulder and other on his face)
It doesn’t matter how u look.
Sanju saying so kisses Sam. While kissing Sam transforms back to his human form.

They hug each other. Sam orders others to leave them alone they have some things to discuss. So everyone leaves.

Sam: I know u have questions. And u can ask me.
Sanju: it can wait. ( hugs him again)
Sam: I wont feel offended.and if we r thinking of this relationship to work u need to know those things.

I was a majdai. A soldier sworn to protect royal family. Just like Kahn is. Our king had died in battle and his son Ross had been exiled by the nobles so our princess neferti was next to line in throne. Princess’s mother was a witch of sacred bloodline. But when king died in order to save kingdom from being ravaged by the victors, she decided to marry king muk-e-mun.
The king and his son tuf-e- mun. Both had an eye for princess. But princess liked me. Tuf for princess killed his own father and became king.

During the civil war, I and princess ran away. And got married. I had a little sister of around 10 yrs( Tanaya). We were happy. When Nef leftme in sleep. It was after I heard that she had moved back to palace to marry Tuf, that I finally stopped for searching her.

I decided to see with my own eye her engagement with Tuf. When Tuf marries her, he would earn loyalty of majdai which he already had. I decided to kill the beautiful witch myself so that could save my sister. Because they won’t let me or any person related to me live.
After all a princess don’t want her name attached to an ordinary soldier. So I was the loose end.
But when she saw me at engagement, she tried to Tuf only to b get caught by majdai.

I then remember Tuf taking my intestine on hissword.

When i woke up I was in middle of desert. With no recall. When I returned to find Nef I heard she had been given a cursed death as she had killed Tuf.

I left the place. I found Ralph first. It was after 27 yrs that I found my sister Tanaya. She was beaten and raped and was on verge of death. Those that died with my blood in their system came back to life. I , Tanaya and Ralph we immortal 1st of our kind. Didn’t age, no weakness and strength and speed.

We got lost in our power. I got lost in hatred for Nef.

We had money and slaughtered town and city as we moved. To take revenge from nobles, royalties, and soldiers.

But every thing turned. When I decided to torture Nef’s soul for her doing.

Suddenly we were cursed. Had insatiable hunger for human blood. Night couldn’t b peaceful for the nightmares haunted us. And like damaged soul our life became hell. The pure and pious things hurted those who were created by me. Sunlight burnt them. But it couldnt harm those created by me.
We were though walking dead. Due to imaginary fears that we see always. I haven’t slept since yrs.

And that’s y used to hate or face as u seemed like dopple gangler to Nef. But I realised that u r not a doplle gangler but Nef herself when I found her leaving ur body the day u almost died in blast. So I saved u instantly healing ur wound.

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  1. Its like vampire diaries na

    1. A bit because I have witches. But the witches in my story are extinct. Just last two remaining witches are Ross and sanju.

    2. And of course nef was never bad. She was also good unlike Katherine. And sanju is not a dopple gangler but actually nef. And being the white witch she is responsible for all the curses and powers of the character.

    3. And yup the system of conversion is. But those created by Sam survives. And those created by his minions don’t have strength and die within a week.
      So technically Sam can b called Dracula of this story. Because from him everyone originated.

      1. Oh thanks yaar…. i hate catherine….. so sanju sam love is on the way waiting for ur sweet updates

  2. Wow yaar nice

  3. Sam was also a majdai like Ralph. So whatever Ralph is a apart of Sam is also similar to him.

  4. Fantastic story. Pls update soon

  5. For next episode.
    Neferti’s side of story.

    For 4th December
    Vikram returns to sanju’s life. To create a havoc.

    1. Plzzzz dont bring vikram back plzzzz dr it my request

  6. wow it is awesome….plz update the next part soon

  7. Awesome episode, keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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