Dewana dil Part 12


Next day.
Dr. Varun is on leave. Every one is gossiping about. Krisha pulls sanju to a side.
Krisha: do u know wat happened yesternight?
Sanju: how would I know I was with Dr. Varun.
Krisha: at find raiser party. Sam and Sutton’s engagement got fixed.
After all its just a business arrangement but my Sam is going to b engaged to that b*t*h.

Sanju:( hearing about Sam engagement went blank) OK I met u afterwards I have work.

Sutton comes their.
Sutton: hi!! Its my engagement card. ( gives card to both girls) and though I would love to not invite u. But would rather love more to watch ur faces when my Sam romances with me.

Blood is required for a little girl for that every doctors blood is collected. Sanju has duty for blood collection. She sees sam’s vails and changes with her own blood.

Sam in a hurry comes to lab.

Sanju: don’t worry I changed ur sample.
Sam: wat?? Any ways thanks. Listen about the engagement…

Sanju interrupt u don’t need to clarify to me. Clarify it to urself and leaves from their.
Sam gets that sanju is extremely angry at him.
Varun calls sanju to b his date for sam’s engagement. And he will b sending vintage dress for her. Sanju ask him if he is OK. To which he replies that he is healthy as a horse.

Tanya gill s*xy above 35 yrs old looking lady is welcoming guest at gill mansion. The whole mansion is decorated with calla lilly and French roses.

Suddenly Tanaya says her comes her brother with his bride , Sutton declaire. They both come down. Sutton signs Chelsey and she mixes something in the drinks that varun is caring for sanju.

The party is going on. Sam is sad. And everyone can see that. Sanju climbs on the stage fully drunk.
Sanju: here is my gift for the groom. And the lights switches off.

Sanjana sings mohobat a apse( aa dekhe Zara) and while singing comes near Sam and pushes Sutton away. And than does trust fall and Sam catches her. The scene gets embarrassing for Sutton. And her parents. But Sam is smiling for sanju’s behaviour.

She falls unconscious. When varun and Sam takes her to guest room and give some water to her and says what she did, she runs from their.

He reaches the highway. But due to drugs effect she can’t concentrate and gets hit by a car.

She is a bit unconscious, could make out an animal with bright golden eyes coming near her, animal takes shape of Sam and starts to carry her towards safe side. Sam offers his own blood to her.

Next morning.
Varun: wat happened last night?? I think some mixed something in or drink. U were found collapsed on roads side.

Sanju: where is samrat sir??. I want to talk to him in private.

Sam: I m here.
Varun leaves. Signing that he is just outside if she needs anything.
Sanju: wat r u??
Sam: wat??
Sanju: u transformed into some animal and have me ur blood last night I remember.
Sam: I think u r still under that medicines effect and imagining things.
He tries to touch sanju but she gets up from the bed being scared for him.

Sam: ( gets angry) that y I told u stay away. ( starts crying) I m a beast and not all beast get their beauties like fairy tale.

Due to his unstable state he gets changed partially to his animal side. Scaring sanju evenmore.

Sam is hurt seeing her scared from him. And leaves from their.

Sanju is shown crying and screaming at the corner of the room. Varun tries to calm her but is in vain and gives her sedatives.

And she sleeps.

Sanju rushes to gill mansion. Tanya speaks ill to her. And states her responsible for her brothers conditions.
Ralph and sanju are seen driving to some place.

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  1. Wow. Hey this is super natural story. Really. Cool. Then varun is also something else. Sanju what will she do now?

    1. Ya its supernatural. Varun is something. Next few episode will b for varun and sanju’s friendship. With varun going through a hard time after being shot. Sanju will help him to make new adjustment

  2. Oh god what a twist dr awesome

  3. I didn’t understand the animal thing can u plzzzz explain

    1. Sam is a dracula and changes into a winged creature with golden eyes. And when he is angry is eye transforms red.

      Later he will evolve to have blue eyes.

  4. Hey is sam a wolf n varun a vampire……???

    1. No reverse of it. Sam is vampire and varun will now Turn to a wolf

  5. Awesome episode, super natural story. ..wowww…keep it up…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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