Dewana dil Part 11


At night when everyone has left. Kahn eneters sanju’s room with flowers.
Sanju gets scared seeing him their.
Kahn: u don’t have to scared of me. I would do anything in my strength to protect u, my lady.
Sanju: leave from here or I will scream.
Kahn: u have so faith on that thing. I would say to check that thing’s history. Before trusting it.
Sanju: ( angrily) leave.
Kahn: OK.. U r weak. But don’t worry my men would die protecting u. They will always b around u.

And he leaves.

A few days have passed due to both residents under Dr. Samrat being ill Dr. Robbins gave Sutton to Dr. Samrat.

So now team 1 has Sam, Chelsey and Sutton.
Team 2 varun, sanjana and Krisha.

On first day together .
Krisha : their comes my girl. Finally we would b together for eternity…( making fun).
We would have lots of fun now.

Sutton: finally Lesbos taking. And make faces and goes away.

Varun: welcome Dr. Sanjana. U will call just varun, no sir required, understand.

In canteen varun gives treat to krisha and sanjana. They are enjoying. With Sam watching it from his table. Sanju peeks towards him he suddenly changes his direction of sight. And leaves after a minute.

At night
Varun: yar! Did u find sanju attractive??
Sam: ( while drinking water gets choked on hearing this and sprays all water out). Sanju?
Varun: ya.. Ohh… Sanjana..
Sam: u call her sanju??
Varun: krisha calls her, so me too. Now forget about it. Do u find her attractive.
Sam: of course not. She is average.
Varun: no she is not. If she wears a one piece than.
Sam: no( thinks she doesn’t need one piece to look beautiful even her style is best thing about her. Simple but beautiful)
Varun: and her hair pony tailed or have a bit high lights and straightened.
Sam: no( her hair are most perfect, when her waves of her hair touches my face, I could feel the softness and tenderness of feather)
Varun: with some high heels than she would look so devilishly gorgeous.
Sam: hell no. ( she looks gorgeous to me when she does her silly mistakes and makes cute face)

Ohh god!!! I think I m In love says varun.

Sam gives shocked expression.
Varun: as u have no interest in her. Now my way is clear and I can woo her.
Sam a bit awkwardly I have some work and leaves.

Sam in his mind mimics I m in love, u fall in love with every girl u meet. U wanna woo her. And makes faces like sanju does. Thinks sanju is all over me. As he remembers he is talking like sanju and making faces.

A charity event invitation.
Varun has asked for sam’s help. Varun would do lip sing of the song and Sam would actuallysing on back stage.

Every one is gathered. All hospital staff. Its for relief fund for floods in India by nri. Many high profile Indian people are their. Including varun’s father and mother.

Varun starts to sing. Tu hi re … Tere bina me kese jiyu( Bombay)
Sanju identifies its sam’s voice. As varun comes down. And tries to show off in front of sanju to impress her.

Sanju: wow!! It was really amazing.
Varun: u know I was born with this talent. I thought of becoming a pop star but than became a doctor.
Sanju: u know I have good identity of voice and I know how much u can change ur voice that’s amazing. ( she comes close to his ears) I know u were lip singing and I probably know the singer as well.
At same time a call comes on sanju’s mob. And so leaves varun’s company to take call.

But no one speaks on other side.
Sanju recognizes it to b of Sam. And sings the female para of tu hi re( on phone).

On back stage Sam is shown holding phone and smiling. Knowing that varun’s charms are not working on sanju and she identified that it was him.

An emergency call comes from hospital and varun and sanju leaves party. Just outside robbers attack them. But varun tries to fight them. And gets a bullet hit in chest.

His father comes and takes him from their saying his son needs special medical attention.

Sanju is shocked at his father act. As she checked varun and he had no pulse. While his father checked his pulse and said he needs medical attention.


Engagement party. Every one is dressed beautifully at Gill’ s mansion. Gina says their comes groom showing Sam. Sanju looks at him. Varun than taps her and b a good date forhim and dance with him at his best ffriends engagement.

Varun and sanju are shown dancing.

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  1. What happend yaar who is khan why he is try to protect sanju

    1. His and Ross character would b disclosed in next episode. He said once that he is bound by a curse to b loyal to sanjana.

  2. And the engagement party is of Sam but sanju is varun’s date.

  3. ohhh so finally kahn n ross char. gng 2 b disclosed…
    n sam’s eng. n sanju is varun date…as if sam is gng to b sm1 else…
    i hope i gt my ans in next epi πŸ™‚
    nyc epi…i lyk sanju recognise sam’s voice πŸ™‚

  4. next part soon plz πŸ™‚

  5. Sam geting engagd? To whom?

  6. Sam’s engagement will b life turning event in their life and their relationship as well. With many it many mysteries will unlock as well.

  7. Nice episode, but precap doesn’t sound nice…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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