Dewana dil Part 10


Ross: I don’t think its her.

Kahn: u know my curse. And I feel loyalty to her. It has to b her. And she was found with him. She has to b her.

They enter room.
Sanju: who are u?? Why did u kidnap us?? Wat do u want ?? Where is samrat sir??

Kahn: relax u are fine. We won’t hurt u. Dear!!

Sanju is in doubt. Hears Sam screaming in pain. And run towards it. Their are men all over the house they all look like wrestlers. She reaches to cellar to find Sam in a pool of blood.
His neck is tied by a collar and collar is chained to wall.
The collar has spikes on the inner side that have caused injury to Sam. He is drained out.

Kahn and Ross comes their.

Sanju: why are u torturing him? Leave us, pls.

Kahn: Lady I need u to step away from that thing. U might get hurt.
Ross: its not her. So let her b where ever she wants.
Kahn: pls stop it doubts Ross.
Ross: OK I will kill her myself( he moves towards sanju)

Sam tries to get up to stop him. But can’t reach. And blood from his wound increases

But Kahn stops him by coming in between.
Sanju: okay so u want us dead than fine I will give u she takes the gun from fellow standing their and put at her head.

Sam: ( again tries to get up to only get more hurt) (screams) no….

Kahn: lady listen u don’t need to do this and tries to come close

Sanju: don’t come any close or I will shoot.

Sanju unlocks gun.
Kahn: pls stop. Pls stop( in worried manner)
What do u want?? Tell me its or
Sanju: ( gun still at her head) freedom for me and my friend over their.

Kahn: given

Ross: ( arguing) how…

Kahn : its my house and my order. Let the Lady and thing escorted to their car.

Ross angrily goes from their. Sanju hugs Sam while crying.

Sam is not able to walk. They are driven in suv to their car. And SUV then leaves

Sanju: we need to go to hospital.
Sam: no hospital. Take me home.
Sanju: u are bleeding and not at all look good
Sam: do as I tell( angrily)

Sanju drives while Sam falls unconscious holding sanju’s hand. She is driving crazily they are at Gill’s mansion.
The security helps sanju to take Sam to his room.

Gina and Ralph comes. Ralph is a black dude with good muscle. Gina looks like latina model.
They ask her to leave. From their.

Sanju is shocked to see them acting causally at Sam’s condition.

Next day. At garden.
Sam absolutely alright comes their.
Sam: u r really brave and foolish at the same time. ( laughs shyingly)
Sanju: u r fine? Who were those guys? I didn’t understood a thing of yesterday.
Sam: I don’t need to. U know last 3 days were the most happy days of my life.
Saying so he touch her cheeks. Suddenly he comes back to his senses and leaves from their.

At hospital.
Dr. Robbins: I think I got complains about recent teaming up. And specially about u Dr. Sanjana. So u r given ICU duty.
Sanju: but sir I didn’t do anything
Dr. Robbins: yes that was the complaints that u don’t do any work. So now handle ICU single handed.

Sanju thinks it must b samrat sir’s plan to get her off the team.

And goes to ICU.
At evening the fire alarm of the hospital goes up. Their had been a short circuit at fourth floor. ICU is at 3rd floor.
Every one of the fourth floor are running her and their.
NICU ( ICU for infants ) is on 4th floor.
Sanju rushes up to help. Premature babies are needed to b carried to save place.
Even the instrument of nicu are catching fire.

Sanju sees a sister with an infant trying to get out of fire but couldnt so she leaves infant to save her self.
The nurse ask her to save herself. But sanju goes to save the infant.

With all the staff gathered at ground floor. Samis searching for sanju. But dodoesn’t find.
The nurse comes running down saying that Dr. Sanjana and an infant are trapped their.

Sam’s face looses expression. And he without a seconds delay run towards the stairs. But explosion happens on 4th floor. And he falls on floor. Still he runs to the nicu.

He finds sanju and the baby. He comes close to see that a glass piece has pierced sanju neck and has fixated her to the wall making her unable to move.

Even an attempt to remove will kill her. That thing is known to him.
Sanju ask Sam to save the baby and himself.
Which Sam denies. Sanju tells that OK than I will take hard decision for u and pulls the glass shred.

Sanju wakes up in ICU after 2 days. Krisha u r lucky that u survived but everyone was so nervous that u weren’t gaining consciousness.
Sanju checks her neck to find no wound. Dr. Checks her and says due co poisoning she was unconscious else everything is fine. She ask about her neck injury. Every one things that she is in PTSD. And give her medicine to sleep. As she sleeps.

Sam comes to ICU. And says no matter wat was the past I won’t let any harm come to or hair even. And kisses her forehead and goes away. Keeping the red roses by her bed side.

Team gets changed now Sutton and sanjana are changed. So chelsey, Sutton and Sam is team 1 and team 2 is varun, Krisha and sanju is team 2. Varun is a flirting with sanju. But much friendship develops between three.

With Sam shown jealous of their time in canteen

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  1. So still der is secret abt sam…bt i guess i hv samwat hint abt it…
    Really nyc epi…
    Gud job 🙂

  2. It is really deewanapan. Sachi me bahut pasand aaya. Sanju is superb. Niw some frndship moments n sam getting jealous. Oh waiting.

  3. Oh atlast sam change na

    1. He is hard to understand. He will disclose his each moment with sanju in a different way. Soon.

  4. Nyc stry dr 🙂 bt y wer dey kidnapd?

    1. When Kahn will come to met sanju now he will say the reason

  5. Very thrilling episode, interesting story. Keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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