Dewana dil Part 1


Indian girl of 26, standing at the airport. She is with 3 bags. Tensed. A tap at her shoulder make her shock. A boy in teen age calls her Sanjana. She is sanjana gujral. And the boy is her brother vatsal.
He congratulates her that she gets to live her dream of doing her post graduations in US.
Sanjana: u gave me a heart attack!! ( shocked)
Vatsal: sorry sis.
Sanjana : I can’t wait to get out of her.
Vatsal: I know u still think about him!
Sanjana: certain people leave an impact after they go….
Sanjana again gets lost in thoughts. Vatsal tries to talk to her but their mother comes and ask him to let it b.

Scene shifts to 2 yrs back.

Sanjana came home from her college. She is tired. And says finally last exam over . mom comes and ask how was the paper?
But she just switch on TV. She is too tired to answer
Day passes. Dad is home he informs that some people approached him with a relation for their daughter.
Sanjana comes out of her fantasy and try to listen. She breaks their talk in middle.saying that she just completed her MBBS and need some time for her self. Mother ask her to just see the boy. We can decide later.
Sanjana thinks I know mom once u see him u will make me marry him.
Sanjana’s mom is very pushy as sanjana even though being in 21st century never had any friends. And talking to a boy was far from that. Everyone in college afraid of her that she might insult their proposal so even those who had crush never proposed.
Sanjana’s mom is firm in her decision.
Sanjana thinks and says: OK but they won’t come here directly u would meet him first
Mom agrees.
Sanjana didn’t want any romeo that she or her family don’t in tented to marry her with.
Flight announcement. Sanjana wipes a tear, take a deep sigh and get up from the chair. And board the plane.
Her brother vatsal tell their mother have faith she will b fine.

Sanjana meets a guy. Awkwardly they both talk.

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  2. Oh heart breaking haaaa

  3. The story is in segment first 5 episode is dard-e-dil.
    Than mohobat a apse
    Than would b fairy tale of princess.

  4. Nice start rekha dear, all the best for this story.’s lovely interesting episode…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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