Dewana dil Part 60

Sam is talking to the babies in sanju’s womb.

Today I will tell u story, of a princess. Princess neferti. Prince ayab was young during that time. The witch were set on fire by the people. Doing magic was illegal in his fathers kingdom. Some of the good witches were also killed in the process. Prince ayab got mortally wounded in a battle field so severe that no one could heal him. The prince was about to die, and being his only heir, the king turned his hope to finding a white witch to heal his son. Awwitch so strong that could bring back dead to the living world back. But he was disappointed that the last white witch was also killed. A slave merchant came to the king, saying that his one of the slave heals even most grievous wounds. King is ready to try everything, so he buys the slave at a very high price and makes slave to b a healer of prince. But unlike other slave, king gets mesmerized by her beauty. She is not like other slave. She is beautiful with brown- black eyes, and has elegance of a swan. Her lips are like they provide redness to even roses. She starts to take care of prince and within no time the prince heals. Prince ayab gets in debt to the slave girl. But he hates that she is always tied to a pillar by her neck. The king goes for a parade and gets assassinated, declaring ayab to b new king. The first thing ayab does is give slave her name and her freedom, he names her anak. Anak decides to serve the new king for his grace on her. Anak is granted a royal seat, despite all the opposition from nobility.

But a women so beautiful, it was evident for any one to fall in love with her. Ayab the king falls in love with her and ask her to marry him. But she declines that once he knows her truth he would kill her himself. But ayab so mad in love ask her to marry her. Finally she accepts to him that she is a white witch. But ayab despite marries her.

Anak bore him a son, rus-ank(Ross). And a daughter as beautiful as her self, neferti. The princess nanny has a son who often comes to play with princess. The kids have a close bondwith each oother. His name is samrankh. But all call him, sam-r. Prince Ross has a liking for killing and battle. And despite kings orders to fall back he attack a city and loose all his battalion in war. He is also captured. When kings does the bargain to bring his son back, he exiles prince rus and throws him out of the heir line. So now its neferti’s husband who would become the king.

Nef is sad as she wont b able to see her brother. But she found solace in arms of kah-an-mud. Whom she calls Kahn, he is great warrior. The princess looses her nanny during a plague. And also looses her only friend, samr.

But it does not stop at this, the princess is merely 11 when she looses her father, king ayab in the battle. With their kingdom being at the verge of destruction, queen anak gives a marriage proposal to the wining king. So that he would treat everyone with mercy. The king mesmerized by anak’s beauty accepts and decides to stay with anak and neferti in their kingdom with his little brat son, ruk-ah-mun, ruk.

Ruk always tried to show nef that he was the prince and she was a daughter of defeated king. The time passed, the old king grew more old. His sons at his kingdom, over thrown him and declared themselves as king. So he had just Ned’s kingdom left. Ruk also knew that he was 13th to line of thrown and so he had no chance to b a crowned king.

Nef turned 15. But because of the old king and ruks insecurity for throne, she was locked in her room. And was not allowed to roam through the palace without a veil. Samr got a place as majdai, after his father died, he supported his family, his step mom, who was always Ill and a little sister of 4.

Samr saved ruks life when a mad horse was about to crush him, and got himself injured. Nef being sensitive, went out to see the majdai, as ruk took samr for granted.

She sneaks out of the palace and arrives to samr place, and gives him money to have him healed. And also gives them food. Samr remembers nef as his childhood friend but nef doesnt. He remembers that nef was always a rebel and would do everything to have it her way.

A servant says her about samr fathers death, and she decides to find her childhood friend to help him. She gets dressed as a dancer and mets chief and gets to know who is samr. To her shock its the same person. Whom she had helped before.

At the next day of court she declares that for saving prince ruk, she awards that soldier to b her own personal majdai. Ruks thinks that its good as the person is loyal to him and bring him all the news.

At one night, the king tries to force himself on nef, samr tries to interfere but the king orders him to stay aside. Samr calls the Queen to help nef, but in fight, the king daggers the Queen. And the queen dies.
Samr is angry on the king and decides to play a game, he gives all the information on the queen’s death consequence to ruk. He also states that if his father marries nef then their son would b a king, and he won’t get the kingdom.

Ruk is also angry as nef didn’t say anything about the queens death. The king had scared her that he would kill all the loved servants if she told truth to anyone. Ruks decides to kill the old king and have the kingdom for himself and nef too.

He device a plan to assassinate the king. And murders him during a celebration a gets crowned a king. But with time Ned’s beauty has blossomed and ruk wants that diamond too besides him as well.

Nef sends a msg to her brother rus to help her elope from the palace, through kahn. But he is busy fighting a war for himself. Kahna also joins him to win the war. On the other hand, ruk is going mad to have nef. But nef and samrhave sstarted to love each other. Her servants and maid take their places , while they elope from the palace. Samr has made nef’s life worth living, that’s wat she says to him. But for how long?? As a princess can’t marry a commoner, that a rule of the royal family. And only a king can change it, and ruk(king) is in no mood to change the rule.

Also Samr’s rival, competing for ruk’s favours delivers him the message that samr is princess new lover, making ruk go mad. He vows to kill samr. And have nef any way. He locks samr down In his jail. While he declares his marriage with nef. Nef is reluctant to marry him, but ask him to release samr, and she would b his slave for ever. Ruk get happy as nef is coming to him, with her will. So he decides to leave samr.

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