DevShian’s Frnd Request (KRPKAB)


A humble req frndzz:15 is not a full epi..Kindly read the Prev epis..DevShi is not separated..Dev try to give thanks to Sona’s frnd…Once I saw the accident scene,(..maybe one of epi 35-40)..sadd..In the story,while Dev give wishes to Sona’s luv,Sona met an accident…Just like that..I made epis..In these days,Just as air,I travel in my place bcoz of unable to see DevShi…Aftr seeing DevShi (Sona’s injury in finger n Dev’s ask),again a breeze comes in my closed eyes…Standing in breezy air with earphones n in the surroundings of stars of the centre of galaxy to open 1st sec…

Feeling The breeze entering as a music …
Simply Artie n Confusing guy mesmerized by DevShi n Meghan n also Omkara..

Where is DevShi:14+Half
Dev creates a story of A historic couple..Sona is their child.Full of cute moments of.Dev n Sona n the cute nxt home child Zia..Now Dev needs to thank Sona’s frnd for helping Sona to learn..Itz all take place in Dev’s story..

Luv’s 1st Sec:7
Dev n Mohan r supernatural powers…Dev’s soul needs his Luv Sona’s 1st Sec…A long journey..Maybe A big long journey of Dev for tat Soon…

Hippie’s Girl:3
Like A Story of Brothers…
Going Intros only..Needs To write…

In a shop,Om takes two broken piece of a pink Crayon..for giving it to a Kid..The wooden clocks in wave format show 7.00..(7=Ishaana)Ishaana too draw by making Om’ s painting as a fair Bt she knows his name….

Clue frm Cutie S:(end)..
End by epi1 Detective couple DevShi…n also some unnamed stories..
Beyond of all tiz stories,Ur frnd just need a little belief in him for a gud memorable story…
Believed in”If Ur Story makes ur frnd to comnent abt tat while reading the 1st line..The 1st line’s vgudd.. .S..A writer writes her/his thoughts whether he/she get more comments of Silence.. ..or not
Frndzz!!!Hope U make tiz DevShian as ur frnd?!!

Holding A glowing Star on my right palm ,I m searching through the magical darkness
Tanq frndzz…Take Care…??

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  1. Aaru

    Superb HarSHaN..

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanq Aaru..I hope Our frndzz accept tiz DevShian wish..

  2. Manya

    Amazing Harshan ?

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanq Ayushi..I hope Our frndzz accept tiz DevShian Stories..

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