Where is DevShi?? (KRPKAB) Epi 9


Now:DevShi with HeadPhones n Pillows..

Pre:DevShi act as Duck n Shooter for making Ma happy…bcoz Ma is Sad after hearing tat She is not his biological mom though she knows..
Ma calls DevShi nearer to her after seeing their Duck n Shooter..
Dev n Sona sits nearer to Ma..

Ma(with a smile):I m normal..Who Says Dev is not my Son?Dev is my blood..U r coming from Dev’s creative story…So U r my child too,Sona…(by holding Sona’s hand)…n touches Dev’s cheek by her hands softly

Sona smiles n feels the pure luv…
Ma:”I ‘ll go to kitchen now”

Dev sees Sona..

Dev:”Sona..Tanq for making Ma happy..I hav a request..”

Sona(thinking about Request):Dev..Dont thank me..I m ur frnd..n Ma’s child too (with a childish small smile)..How can I help U?”

Dev:”Plz stay with Ma today..Plz…
I ‘ll make U safe to reach parents”

Sona (shock):Itz k Dev..I’ll stay with Ma…
Dev is missing to see Sona’s shock..

Ma comes to room with glasses of milk..While entering,she accidentally hears tiz..

Ma sees the shocking face of Sona..n realized Sona is trying to change that..

Ma:”Dev..U also sleep with Us here..”
Dev nods his head”S”..
Dev strts making his bed on floor n falls on it..after drinking milk..

Ma n Sona r sitting on the wooden bed where Ma sleeps daily..

Ma:”Sona..Dev’s eyes r not closing if even Sun is coming..U now sleep well..Gud nyt Dear”
Sona:”Gud nyt,Ma”
Though Ma strts sleep,Sona is still sitting n her fingers r on her cheek..acts like a stand…
Sona sees Dev…(actually Dev’s bed is near her place)

On his left side,a headphone on his ear..But in right,headphone is in out..

Sona watch tiz n slowly stands..
Goes nearer to Dev like a cat..
“Meow” in bg..
N takes the right side headphone..

Dev still closed his eyes n listening the song…

Sona put headphone on her right ear by seeing how Dev put tiz on left ear…
“As long as U luv me”(JBieber)is in headphone..

Dev (feels):Someone is near us??
Opening his eyes..Sona also sees him n take the left headset out from her ear n goes to bed..

“As long as U luv me” in bg…
Dev sees Sona is falling on bed n turns round..

Dev sees Sona once again n strts sleeping…

Maybe a half hour going…
Dev lightly awakes frm his sleep..n sees Sona is still near him..
Sona sitting with pillows on her legs.in her sitting posture….Bt seems sleeping..

Dev (Zooming eyes &think):Is she sleeping while sitting?

Dev (comes nearer in mild voice):R U sleeping,Sona?”

While seeing Headphones on her ears,Dev got Sona is hearing Songs…
Dev shakes her shoulder..
“Kala Chashma”song beats in Sona…
Sona awakes from the song while Dev touched..

Sona(thinks):We r caught..
With a hesitate,Sona slowly opens her eyes…
N sees Dev is sitting in bed..not sleeping..
Sona (think&zooming eyes):ChapterClose….
Dev sees Sona..
Sona seems Omg..?!!

Dev (smiles):”Go..Sleep well,Sona..Time is late”n falls on bed..

Sona slowly stands n her pillows fall on Dev’ s face..

Dev (with mild angry n voic):Sonnnaaaa…

Sona(in mild loud):”Sor.. .
Sona closed her lips by her hands n again(in mild):”Sorry”….

(Dev’s angry disappears)

Dev(smile):”Sleep well”…
Though Dev n Ma r sleeping,Sona didn’t got sleep..She goes to Dev’s Room n sit in the chair where She sit while coming as a new to tat home..
Accidentally sees the drawing papers of Dev..Full of Sona’s face on incomplete..
Only one is complete..
Sona takes the paper n sees the pink marker nearer to papers..

She takes the marker n writes on bottom”Where is DevShi frm Tomorrow?”

N places the paper in old place..
Entering Ma’s room n Sona falls on bed…
A hand touch her head softly..
Sona shocked n turns back..
Tat’ s Ma’s hand..
Sona’s eyes tears..
N in (very mild voice)Maa. .
Ma hugs Sona to calm her..
Hope U like tiz frndzz..
Tanq for Reading..Write Ur thoughts after reading..Tanq for supporting “Luv 1st sec”..

Epi 8 : Episode 8

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