Where is DevShi?? (KRPKAB) Epi 8


Pre:Sona laughs while thinking Dev in Kaaliya style of dress (CBheem)..Sona shocked while she got:Ma is not Dev’s biological mom..now (..1st Eye lock of DevShi..)

Dev enters Ma’s Room.. His eye tears silently while remembering”Mam.Though U r not his biological mom”..
Sona near Ma feels Someone is near for them..n sees Dev is on entrance of the room..

Sona(in mind):Dev seems upset bcoz of Ma’s sad..We can do something…..

(Dev enters the room fast n show his right hand to Sona to hold it)

Ma’s head raises up n sees tiz..
Ma (in mind):What is tiz?Now he’ll do something”..

Sona (with vivid zoom eyes) holds Dev’s hand..
(Dev strts walking..with Sona)
Sona (in mind):Where will he (n me) go?
Dev enters the Kitchen…
N show his hand towards Jam Bottle..
Jam Bottle raises up n reached Dev’s hands like magnetize..
Sona(???in mind):Again as a ghost?

Dev get jam in his hands..
Dev:”Sona..plz..help me to make Ma happy again”..

Sona:”Sure Dev..For Ma,I’ll change like tat ghost,Ur first thinking about me in story”(Pre:Sona comes to real world frm Dev’s creative story)

Dev:(nods’no’ in his head)..I too going to apply Jam..in my face..
Dev shows openJambottle..Sona takes Jam on her fingers n apply in face like a commando…
Dev:No….not like tat..
He takes Jam n strts makeupping her..

Sona:”Ghost is half ready..”

Dev:”Mm.S..Now another half is ready to change like U”..
N see her eyes..Sona also sees him..
1st eyelock of DevShi a second..Sona turns conscious n turns back…

Dev strts applying jam on his face..
Sona (turns):Now Itz my turn ..

Taking the jam bottle,Sona strts apply on Dev’s face…
“Azhage..Oviyame…Enai vilunga thudikkum Vizhiye”(O LuvableArtie..Ur hypnotic Eyes make me mesmerizi)(Song:Halena)plays in bg…

Dev (in mind):”By Sona,I get some moral support now”..

After makeup is finished,Dev holds her hand n reach the doorside of Ma’s Room..
Dev makes the sound of A duck..Ma sees the entrance n got in mind:”Tiz is Surely Dev”..
Dev is reaching near door very close on side..
N Comes near Sona..

Dev (On Sona’s ears):Now U r a gun shooter..n I’m a duck..

Sona(in murmur/mild voic):”What..Me Gun shooter..But I dont hav a Gun?”..

Dev(with zooming eyes):”We only acting..Just act like shoot”…

Dev strts sounding like a duck n waving his hands like tat too..
Sona makes her hands like keeping a gun in her hand n follow Dev…
Dev entering Ma’s room with waving hands n sound like a duck..
Ma sees Dev n a drop of smile comes from her lips without knowing by her…
Dev turns back n thinks”Where is She?”

Sona:”I ‘ll not make U free”..

Dev hears the voice..
Aftr finishing the voice,Sona enters the room like a shooter..
Dev acting like fear of a duck..
Bt While Sona sees Ma,Sona’s acting disappears by her shy before Ma….
Sona moves her hands really for dropping the imaginary gun..n smiles by seeing Ma..
Ma smiles n calls “Dev..Sona..Come..nearer to me”

Dev(in mind):”I think me n Sona make Ma happy” n sees Sona..
Sona also sees him..
DevShi comes nearer to Ma..
Hope U like tiz frndzz..
Tanq for reading frndzz n write ur thoughts after reading..

Episode 7

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    Cute tha ye episode..

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      Tanq Aaru..

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      Tanq Ayushi..

  3. Cutest episode ever

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      Tanq Neela..

  4. Chithra

    hahaha…. so cute….. lovely FF

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      Tanq Chithra..

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