Where is DevShi?? (KRPKAB) Epi 7


Pre:Sona is wearing Dev’s T-shirt n Jeans..
Now:While seeing her,Dev calls Ma..
Ma comes with tea n asks”What happen Dev?”
Dev indicates her dress n himself by his fingers in sign language..
Ma smiles n said”She is gud in Tiz dress..Aftr Breakfast,She ‘ll got new dress..”
Dev smiles n makes the TV on..
POGO comes as opening of the Tv
“Choththa Bheem” runs..
N said”Sona…Now U’ll see the TV n I’m strting my work again”
Sona surprisingly sees Choththa Bheem..
Bheem is trying to save princess from enemies..
Sona’s eyes r full of joy while seeing TV..
She claps by her hands..n strts laughing..
Dev hears laughing of Sona n see her..Sona again laughing while seeing Dev..
Dev asked”What??!!”
Sona see Bheem n also Dev..
Again she laughs..
Dev sees tiz but he sees Kaaliya(a bubbly boy)..
Dev guess tat in his thinking:
“She thinks me in Kaaliya getup”..
N asked Sona again”Whattt?”
Sona:”Just think U r in Kaaliya dress style”n again laughs..
Dev face goes to angry bt it disappears within a second..
Dev in his high loud voice:”Haha…” n smiles..n starting his work again..
Sona finished her tea n continue her cartoon…
Breakfast Time comes..
Ma calls Dev n Sona..
After eating,Dev said”Ma,I m sure U will keep her safe..Keep her safe ma..I ‘ll go to work”n gets her blessings..
Ma gives her blessings n nods her head with a smile..
In production place,Dev feels something bad.. N takes helper’s Royal Enfield ..n strts..
Actually,It is Dev’s bday gift to tat helper..
All the production teams r surprising while watching tiz n everyone thinks wit a shocking qstn “What happen to Dev Sir?”
Helper also strts following Dev..
While he travels,many sees Dev n shouts “Dev!!!!”
Dev rushes to the mall where Sona n Ma are..
Ma purchase clothes for Sona spcly a white T Shirt n pink frock n help her..
While leaving,many reporters trying to stop them n asked Ma”Madam..Is She Dev’s girlfriend?”Sona hides behind Ma n seeing them with fear..
Photographers clicked her photo..Ma is trying to cover Sona’s face..
Ma:”U directly ask my Son..”
One of them:”Bt,Mam..Though U r not his biological mom,U only know about him”
Sona is shocked..Ma’s face changing tensed n trying to cross them with Sona..
Sona got the situation n trying to help Ma out of them..Bt She fails..
Dev also reaching the mall..Helper also reached..
While seeing Dev,the mall owner comes in rush..
Reporters see Dev n running towards Dev n asked”Sir..Is She Ur girlfriend?”
Dev goes to extreme anger n without saying anything reach Ma n Sona ..
n holds Ma in his shoulders..
Sona holds his left hand..
Dev walks with them in speed..Helper see tiz with tense frm outside..
Bt,the reporters chase them n asked again..
Dev:”Don’t do tiz again..otherwise U ‘ll see the another face of Dev”..in loud n extreme anger..
The photographers clicked him ..
All the reporters jerked back ..The.photographers calls the reporters n show their cameras.. Reporters r tensed bcoz all the photos of Dev,Ma,Sona r disappeared..
All sees Dev is going with Ma,Sona..
Dev makes Sona n Ma to sit in car n ordered the helper to reach home..
Starting his Royal Enfield,Dev rides towards home..
The waiting people who already sees Dev on the same road shouts”Dev is coming..Again”..
The road is jammed..
Dev crossed the road n reach the home.. N rush to Ma’s room..
Ma is sitting on bed without speaking anything..Her head is seeing down..Sona is sitting near her..
Dev reached Ma’s room n see Ma n Sona..by his broken n tensed heart…His eye tears..silently..while remembering”Mam..Though U r not his biological mom….”
Hope U like tiz frndzz..
Tanq for reading n Write ur thoughts after reading..


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