Where is DevShi?? (KRPKAB) Epi 6


Pre:Dev is a powerful one in cinema n Sona is the girl in Dev’s story..Dev makes her come to our world..frm story.. .

The old lady give her blessings to Dev n ask Dev”Who is She?”
Dev smiles n said”Ma..She is Sona..Ur new frnd”
The old lady smiles n said”How beautiful she is”..
Sona sees them by her surprising eyes…
Dev said”Like U,ma”
Ma smiles..
Ma:”I ‘ll go to make tea for us”n calls Sona..
Dev turns back n see Sona n Ma r going to kitchen..
While seeing gas stove,Sona surprised n asked”What is tiz ma?”
Ma confused n said”Tiz is gas stove,Sona”
Sona said”Oh..tiz is gas stove..Bt I don’t know How to use it”
Ma calls Dev..Dev enters the kitchen with a confusion of what happen..
Ma tells everything..Dev shocked n said”SorryMa..She didn’t belong to tiz place..She is coming out frm my Story”
Ma shocked n asks Dev”What??!!”n said everything..
Ma turns to be normal aftr few minutes of silence..
N said”I thought Y she is in old dressing style..Now I understood..Maybe She is uncomfortable with tiz old dresses here..Dev U go outside”
Dev nods his head..n goes to his room..

Ma brings Sona to bathroom n rotate the tap..The water is coming..
Ma:”Sona..U strts to bath..I ‘ll give some temporary clothes now..After breakfast we ‘ll go to shopping”..
Aftr bathing,Sona calls Ma n asked if she wear her old dress..
Ma give Dev’s old T-shirt n Jean to Sona..Sona asks”How to wear tiz?”
Ma shocked n said”My Goddd. . .”n said how to wear T-shirt n Jeans..with a smile..
Aftr wearing,Sona comes out from room.. Ma’s lips smiles n said”U r too beautiful,Sona..Bt,U have to study a lot here”
Sona smiles n said”TanqMa”
Ma:”U go to Dev’s Room n sit where U r before..I ‘ll come with tea..”
Sona enters Dev’s Room n sit in the old place where she is..
While hearing sound,Dev turns back n surprised while seeing Sona..
“Spl(KRPKABtune)” plays in bg..
Dev calls”Ma…..”
Ma comes with tea n asked”What happen..Dev?”
Dev signs the direction where Sona sits….n also his dress..n also Dev by sign language..
Sona also sees Dev..
Ma sees Dev n Sona..

Hope U like tiz frndzz
Sorry for the late..plz forgive me..I ‘ll try to update my nxt soon..
Kindly write ur thoughts after reading…


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  1. Ur imagination is awesome ?

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanq Ayushi?

  2. Imagine story and epi….

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanq Laxmi..

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