Where is DevShi?? (KRPKAB) Epi 5

Tanq for (valuable)reading the previous epis..Keep continue reading…
Pre:Jam on Sona’s face…
Dev goes with Sona to Story to reach her home safe..
While seeing Jam on Sona’s face,Shiv was angry n takes his sword..
Dev is shocked n thinks”Why I make her as his daughter..I realised now..They also have feelings because I write my feelings in their story”
Sona tried to stop Shiv..
Dev(By seeing Shiv):
Shiv..I respect U..I made U with my father’s age..I didn’t harm her..Tiz is Jam”
Dev realised they knows English because of his story has full of English..
N said”It is tasty n delicious to eat”
Sona:”S pa..”
Dev put the sword in old place..
Sona hugs Shiv n Meera n said”Pa..Ma..I m not ghost.now.Dev created me as a living one”..
Shiv n Meera thank Dev..
Their eyes opens tear of joy..
Dev thinks something n asked”Shiv n Meera..I wish to see Sona in my place…U r her dad n mom..Plz allow me…”..
Shiv n Meera thinks a sec n said”On 1 condition:U must always with Sona to keep her safe..Bcoz Ur world is new to her..Plz take it as a request”..
The Sun slowly rises..
Dev makes ShivMeera to reach their home safely
While going,ShivMeera turns back n see Sona..
Sona also sees them….
Loc:Dev’s house..Early Morning..
Dev n Sona reach the house..
Sona surprisingly sees Dev’s working in Lap..
Aftr 30mins,an old woman comes n asked”Dev..Who is She?”
While hearing her voice,Dev comes to joy..n touches her feet for her blessings..
The old woman bless him n asked”Still U didn’t tell anything about her”
Sona sees them with surprising eyes..
Hope U like tiz frndzz..Tanq for reading n kindly write ur thoughts..

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