Where is DevShi?? (KRPKAB) Epi 4

A luvly angelic ghost(Sona?) in a story(ShivMeera) created by Dev..
Aftr finishing work,Dev goes to sleep..
A voice interrupts his sleep..”Tanq Dev for creating me..”
Dev is shocking n realized tat he was mesmerized..
Few minutes before…
While seeing the angelic face of Sona,Dev thinks”By my power,I wish to see her really”..
N close her lap n strts sleeping..
Dev said”Omg..Tiz supernatural power makes me crazy”n thinks about his supernatural..power
N see Sona?..
Dev said”U must go to story again.Miss..?”n getting the point he still doesn’t give a name for her..
Angelic ghost (Sona.?) asked”My name Miss..a general name for calling women?”n smiles..
Dev said”Ye Bhoot..I didn’t name U till now..I just create as an angelic ghost..na?So..Just Wait…Sona(fortunate)….For story,Sonakshi”
Sona? hears her name n spells her name..
Dev strts waving his fingers for sending Sona to story..
Dev thinks something n stops waving his fingers..
N goes towards Sona..
Touching her shoulders on both sides,Dev makes her sit..
His first touch makes Sona’s ghost heart as a colorful one…
Dev walks towards the kitchen n takes Jam..frm there..
Sona is surprised while seeing Jam..
Dev takes Jam in his hands n put it on her face n strts his creation in real..
Sona asked”What r U doing?”
Dev said”I made U as a ghost in story but I made U in drawing as an angel..So..”
Dev:”So..o..I made U as a ghost now”

Sona:”So,U didn’t like tiz angel look?”
Dev is silent n trying to said”I just..”
Sona said”U create me as a gud one in story..Though I m ghost,I m gud one”
Dev is silent n said”I just create U as a ghost in the Story..TatsY..”
N see her eyes..
Dev’s words r not coming out..Dev comes conscious n said”U r historic woman..So I’ll come with U for Ur safe”
Sona sees him..
Dev also sees n waves his fingers n goes to Story with Sona..n wish to meet Shiv n Meera also..
In ShivMeera story..
Shiv n Meera come again to city n see the castle from a hide place..
Dev makes Sona safe n reach the castle..
Dev smiles while seeing Shiv n Meera..
Bt Shiv n Meera.. doesn’t smile..They r going to shock n Shiv shouts”How dare U harm my daughter?”while seeing Jam on Sona’s face..n takes his sword..
Dev was shocked..
Hope U like this frndzz..

Extremely sorry for the late..epi..due to TU error also..
Thank U for reading frndzz n Write ur thoughts after reading..


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